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National History Day 2008

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Junior Group Exhibit   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
116041Kutztown, PA, Kutztown Area Middle School, Betty Imboden
Beth Patten
Andrew Weber

"Kill the Indian, Save the Man": Education or Cultural Extermination?
Carolyn Wasser
Jayna Snyder
216003Traer, IA, North Tama Junior High School, Scott Connolly

The Wall That Heals
Chelsea Dinsdale
Jamie Pokorny
Sydney Fehr
316012Clayton, MO, Wydown Middle School, Janet Baldwin

Twin Twain: The Conflict and Compromise Between Samuel Clemens and Mark Twain
Xiayoa Wu
Dee Luo
416079Fergus Falls, MN, Fergus Falls Middle School, Marjorie Eerdmans

54-40 or Fight! The Conflict and Compromise of the Oregon Territory
William Eerdmans
Andrew Eerdmans
516038X, WA, Timbercrest Junior High School, Paula Cautrell
Patti Kalinski

Varsity Victory Volunteers: The Battle for the Right to Fight
Sophie Fleuret
Helen Lee
616024Lawrence, KS, Central Junior High School, Christine Conner

"The Story That Has Not Been Told": Conflict and Compromise within Topeka's Black Community at the Time of Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education
Sophie Tate
Sophie Laufer
716085Cheraw, SC, Long Middle School, Debra Ballard

The Santee Cooper Project: The Price of Progress
Alex Lanter
Cameron Eddins
Laura Brabham
Rachel Marsh
Rebecca Marsh
816046X, WA, Stanwood Middle School, Sabrina Shaw

Kindertransport: Compromise Between Nations to Save Children of the Holocaust
Emily Najar
Madalyn Schei
916060Warwick , RI, Winman Junior High School , Teresa Murray

Narragansett Indians: Conflicts Between Societies
Katie St. Amand
Lilian Lange
1016075Lancaster, PA, St. Leo The Great School, Micaela Fleming

The Dream of Peace Led to War: Munich Agreement of 1938
Patrick Kenney
Alex Abel
Everett Albert
1116092Westhampton, MA, Hampshire Regional Middle School, Scott Green

Captors and Captives: The French and Indian Raid on Deerfield, MA 1704
Alaina Belanger
Julie Roberts
1216018Boerne, TX, Boerne Middle School North, Bryan Degner

On the Brink
Katarina Bujnoch
Emily Boyer
1316045Wichita, KS, Wilbur Middle School, Barbara Brotton

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Morganne Wiltse
Emily Risley
Kelci Glover
1416059Eagle River, WI, Northland Pines Middle School, Alan Tulppo
Kyle McMahon

A Bitter Pill in Hortonville
Jordan Welnetz
Melissa Wagner
Junior Group Documentary   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
112045Akron, IA, Akron-Westfield Community School, Valorie Philips
Colleen Westergard

Clara Lemlich and the Uprising of the 20,000
Katlyn Mace
Jaclyn Smith
212026Nashville, IN, Nashville Elementary School, Brenda Krieger

Below the 560 Line: Little Town Lost to the Building of Lake Monroe
Emily Cameron
Josie Gray
312013Fresno, CA, Mountain View Elementary School, Stacey Canales
Judy Huffman

Cold War Conflict in America's Backyard: The Cuban Missile Crisis
Alexandra Willis
Tyler Kammerer
Samantha Ellis
412076Columbus, NE, St. Isidore Elementary School, Mary Lou Green

Americanism: The Mind and Heart of Ben Kuroki
Peter Dolezal
Tara Starzec
Austin Wendt
Alyssa Hurd
Zach Spencer
512056Huntington Station Ny, NY, Stimson Middle School, Karen Schmitt

SS St. Louis-Ship of the Unwanted
Kate Mallinson
Amelia Goodman
612064San Antonio, TX, Earl Rudder Middle School, Carlita Kosty

Issue of Peace: The Conflict and Compromise of the Six Day War
Samantha Lin
Karen Martinez
712007Clayton, MO, Wydown Middle School, Janet Baldwin

An Evolving Conflict With No Compromise In Sight
Zachary Praiss
Benjamin Goldsmith
812025Blacksburg, VA, Blacksburg Middle School, Shpresa Mykerezi
Reba Taylor
Debbie Sharp

Changing the Game: Title IX and College Sports
Rachel James
Sydney Sumner
912081Asheville, NC, A.C. Reynolds Middle School, Dianne Fox

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park: From Conflict to Compromise to Glory
Will Scarbrough
Jonathan Tambellini
1012029Topeka, KS, Topeka Collegiate, Travis Lamb

Deemed Necessary: The Wartime Internment and Restriction of Rights of Japanese Americans
Julian Mullican
Nicky Henriquez
Alex Chanay
1112067Hewlett, NY, Woodmere Middle School, Vincent Lospinuso
Kathleen Durney

The Scopes Trial and The Monkey Business Behind It
Erica Ng
Jason Krueger
Helaina Regen-Tuero
Chelsea Sidrane
1212049Topeka, KS, Topeka Collegiate, Travis Lamb

The Merging of Black and White Jazz Groups, Locals 627 and 34: A Compromise Made for a New Beginning in the Jazz Era
Patrick Elisha
Reston Phillips
1312038Wauwatosa, WI, St. Jude The Apostle School, Cathy Richter

Turmoil in Tosa
John Mullooly
Henry Luedtke
1412091Winchester, KY, Clark Middle School, Angie Burton
James Case

Emmett Till: The Beginning of A Revolution
Sarah Grashel
Shelby Detring
Junior Individual Documentary   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
111034Cheyenne, WY, McCormick Junior High School, Cathy Ellis

Courage of Convictions: The Conflicts of The Black 14
Jacob Zumo
211031Warsaw, IN, Rooker Home School, Richard Rooker

Eyes of the Ride: The 1961 Freedom Rides
Zachary Rooker
311011New York, NY, Hunter College Campus Schools, Christina Jenkins
Emily Boshart

Injustice, Tolerance, and Hope in the Japanese-American Internment Camps
Miru Osuga
411021New Kensington, PA, Mary Queen Of Apostles School, Evelyn Quade
Jackie Dube

"If The Sun Comes Up Tomorrow, It Is Only Because of Men of Good Will:" The Conflicts and Compromises of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Christopher Pujol
511024Madison, WI, Eagle School, Janice Lacock

The Chinese Exclusion Era: Conflict and Compromise on Gold Mountain
Nate Smith
611084Columbus, NE, St. Isidore Elementary School, Mary Lou Green

Forced Compromises and Everlasting Conflicts: The Native Americans and the Boarding School Experience
Nicole Pauley
711054Vancouver, WA, Wy'east Middle School, Michelle Annett

Water, Words and Wars: The Aswan High Dam
Erin Altenhof-Long
811088Milford , DE, Milford Middle School, Judy Purcell

The Assimilation War - Battles Fought In the U.S. Indian Boarding School System
Lauren Mentzer
911073Columbus, GA, Midland Middle School, Sue Funk
Dawn Bolles

The Tuskegee Airmen's Conflicts and Compromises
Anne Wise
1011012Madison, WI, Eagle School, Chuck Price

The Kent State Shootings: Dealing with Dissent
Jeffrey Zhao
1111060Whitehall, MI, Whitehall High School, Jan Klco

Civil Rights Movement
Kateri Stachowicz
1211074Signal Mountain, TN, Stone House School, Sue Hughbanks

War in the Friendly City
Vivian Hughbanks
1311041, UT, American Fork Junior High, Ron Wicks

Bacon's Rebellion: The Selfish Conflict
Kaden Groves
1411043Marshalltown, IA, Home School, Sally Mills

Germany: A Divided Nation
Jared Mills
Junior Individual Exhibit   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
115044Gulf Breeze, FL, Gulf Breeze Middle School, Grace Freeman

The Munich Compromise: Acts of Desperation and Deception
Nicholas Gupta
215032Spring, TX, Salinas Home School, Lisa Salinas

The San Sabá Mission: Spanish Colonial Turning Point in Texas
Annie Salinas
315006Le Mars, IA, Le Mars Community Middle School, Jeanne Rust

Darkness Over Denmark: The Conflict and Compromise of a Righteous Nation
Rachel Meredith
415031Minneapolis, MN, Breck School, Tara Feeney
Robin Ferguson

Homestead: The Conflict and Compromise that Destroyed a Steel Union
Nicholas Thyr
515055Laie, HI, Laie Elementary School, Colleen Spring

Jackie Robinson Keeps His Cool
Zach Frampton
615010Hockessin, DE, Towle Institute, Joyce Newcomb

Bulah v. Gebhart: Separate but not Equal
Makinde Ogunnaike
715056Oakland, NJ, Valley Middle School , Judith Vihonski

13 Seconds: Four Dead in Ohio
Avisha Thakkar
815082Canton, OK, Canton Junior High School, Penny Heath

Dirt in the Skirts
Kacey Rogers
915067Stafford Springs, CT, St. Edward School, Sara Kania

The Establishment of Grand Teton National Park
Chet Jambora
1015026Brooklyn, NY, Genesis At Xaverian , Valerie Gilson

Heroism Defeats Horror: The Danish Resistance Movement
Ryan McEvoy
1115070Collierville, TN, St. George's Middle School, Chris Miller

Prohibition. Noble Experiment or National Blunder
Walker Thompson
1215085Eldridge, IA, North Scott High School, Chris Green

Josef Mengele: Compromising the Law of Science
Taylor Beitzel
1315015Chicago, IL, Ogden Elementary School, Adam Loredo

Evolution of Disability Rights in Chicago
Carl Arkebauer
1415089Madison, WI, Eagle School, Janice Lacock

Shedding Old Ways, Learning New Customs: Lizzie Black Kander's Aid to European Jewish Immigrants, 1895-1940
Carolyn Raihala
Junior Paper   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
110016Le Mars, IA, Le Mars Community Middle School, Jeanne Rust

The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps: A Compromise to Overcome the Conflict of Women Serving in the Army
Yashila Permeswaran
210001Marlborough, MA, Advanced Math and Science Academy, Matt Anderson

The Conflict Over Ratification of the Constitution and the Compromise that Led to the Bill of Rights
Max Wallack
310041Sequim, WA, Sequim Middle School, Todd Beuke
Tricia Billes

Taking on the Courts, and THE MEN: Belva Lockwood's Conflicts and Compromises in Law and Politics
Hillary Smith
410054Edmond, OK, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School, Sara Harjo

From Burning Tempers to Burning Tents: The Struggle for Compromise after the Ludlow Coalfield Massacre
Patrick Bender
510055Marshalltown, IA, Miller Middle School, Lacinda Gillen

Conflict in the Cornbelt: Milo Reno and the Farmers' Holiday Association
Rebekah Frese
610004La Crosse, WI, Lincoln Middle School, Sherry Gillies
Dani Hartman

Refusal to Compromise: Conflict Stemming from the 1953 American-Led Coup in Iran
Paul Escher
710073Knoxville, TN, Greenway School, Liz Shugart
Lynne Mullins
Mullins Lynne

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Erin Stapleton
810031Bakersfield, CA, Fruitvale Junior High School, Lori Maynard

Conflict, Compromise and Independence: The 1947 Partition of India
Anastasia Clegg
910029Allentown, NJ, Home School, Joan Ruddiman

No Paper Compromise: How the Federal Response to the Pratt Street Riot Escalated What Proved to be a Costly Conflict Between Maryland and the Union
Peter Hopper
1010024St. Paul, MN, Twin Cities Academy, Mike Shelhamer

Near vs. Minnesota: A Constitutional Case of Conflict and Compromise
Maia Gumnit
1110068New Kensington, PA, Mary Queen Of Apostles School, Evelyn Quade
Jackie Dube

The Homestead Strike of 1892: A Story of Social Conflict in Industrial America
Joseph Staniszewski
1210082Denver, CO, Hamilton Middle School, Lesley Meyer

Glen Canyon Dam: Who Will Use It and Who Will Lose It
Hayden Rastall
1310042Houston, TX, Hartman Middle School, Robert Weisinger
Kara Austin

Three Popes Encounter the Holocaust
Guadalupe Orozco
1410075Kellogg, ID, Kellogg Middle School, Marcia Wall

George Kennan: The Champion of Containment
Silas Domy
Junior Individual Performance   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
113077Columbus, NE, St. Isidore Elementary School, Mary Lou Green

Transforming a Generation: Lighting the Family Farmstead
Amy Price
213057Lummi Island, WA, Prince Home School, Irene Prince

Hunting the Whale: The Impact of Commercial Whaling on the Makah Nation - Conflict, Compromise, and Culture
Simone Prince-Eichner
313010Washington, DC, Alice Deal Middle School, Yvette Simpson-Wayne
Cynthia Mostoller

Compromise When your Heart Is Breaking: Princess Ka'iulani and the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy
Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence
413015Redmond, WA, Sunrise Elementary School, Paula Cautrell
Patti Kalinski

Echoing Silent Spring: The Conflict and Compromise over the Wholesale Poisoning of America
Tessa King
513034Denver, CO, Denver School of the Arts, Barbara Allen
Leni Arnett

Mother Jones: The Miner's Angel
Fiona Collins
613037Tallahassee, FL, Deerlake Middle School, James Hawkins

Elizabeth I: Keeping the Faith
Kelsey Tate
713067Hockessin, DE, Towle Institute, Joyce Newcomb

Melba Pattillo: The Battle for Central High
Camille Fontenelle
813035Harrisburg, PA, Holy Name Of Jesus School, Frank Kramer
Nancy Staffaroni
Toni Mahoney

Lessons of Compromise
Bianca Disanto
913014Salt Lake City, UT, Bryant Intermediate School, Betty Fairbanks
Roland Dearden

Riveting Rosie: Compromising Their Traditional Roles as Women to Come to the Rescue During the Conflict of World War Two
Amelia Weixler
1013072Albuquerque, NM, Albuquerque Christian School, Dawn McKenzie

Tasting the Poison Mushroom
Reilly O'Rear
1113051New York, NY, Ramaz Middle School, Judy Sokolow

1,000 World War II Refugees: A Journey through Conflict and Compromise
Lily Ashira Shoretz
1213043Blacksburg, VA, Blacksburg New School, Molly Lucier

"He Who Placed Me in This Seat Will Keep Me Here:" The Conflicts and Compromises of Queen Elizabeth I
Kelly Kadlec
1313065Oakdale, CT, Tyl Middle School, Christine Kelley

Darwin vs. Creationism
Alexander Singleton
1413003Charlottesville, VA, Leslie Walton Middle Scool, Natalie Capps

The Lost Battalion: Conflict Leading to the Compromise in Versailles
Patrick Bond
Junior Group Performance   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
114028Topeka, KS, Topeka Collegiate, Travis Lamb

Asa Philip Randolph, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Franklin Roosevelt: Conflict and Comrpromise in Negotiating Executive Order 8802
Shelby Carpenter
Nyalia Lui
Soren Lamb
214017Akron, IA, Akron-Westfield Community School, Valorie Philips
Colleen Westergard

Before Their Time: Child Labor Exposed
Kaitlin Armstrong
Haley Coyle
Emily Miller
Jayde Ostermyer
314037Kahuku, HI, Kahuku High And Intermediate School, Annie Gardenkrans

The Cuban Missile Compromise
Terina Christy
Tatum Frampton
Ethan Spring
414012Marshalltown, IA, Home School, Karen Hassman
Deleana Roseland

The Language Proclamation: An Attempt to Unify Iowans Under a Common Language
Brianne Hassman
Lori Roseland
514050Bakersfield, CA, Fruitvale Junior High School, John Hefner

Four Innocent Girls, Victims of Hate, Casualties of Ignorance: A Tragic Incident that would Affect Civil Rights in the U.S. Forever
Brock Lynch
Joshua Gonzales
Dylan Gonzales
Alyssa Shannon
Aaliyah Beed
614080Kissimmee, FL, Horizon Middle School, Susan Moore
Janine Cochran

Northern Ireland: Centuries of Conflict, a Moment of Compromise
Kathleen Capdesuner
Alexandra Trejo
Spencer York
714016Vancouver, WA, Pleasant Valley Middle School, Irene Soohoo

Abigail Scott Duniway: A Life of Conflicts and Compromises
Anna Tran
Alyssa Crosby
Madison Bear
814066Baytown, TX, Baytown Junior High School, Wilda Neal
Lajena Smith James

Ruby Bridges: A Class of One
Ray Hearon
Alexandra Connealy
Olivia Richard
Imani Lee
Katie Sparkes
914003Laramie, WY, UW Laboratory School, Cynthia Webb

The Troubles
Cameron Skinner
Gabriel Selting
1014084Rochester, MN, St. Francis Of Assisi Catholic School, Dennis Schreiber

The Stolen Generation: A Broken Circle, A Missing Link
Megan Vandevoorde
Carrie Schweyen
Maria McGlinch
Nora Laskowski
Hanna Cody
1114043Pittsboro, IN, Heritage Builders Home Educators, Jodi Smith

Trail of Tears, Trail of Conflict, Trail of Compromise?
Ross Smith
Cole Smith
Maggie Houvener
Brenton Houvener
Carly Burkholder
1214063Mosheim, TN, Mosheim Elementary, Doug Lafollette

Salem Witch Trials
Brittney Loveall
Melissa Kinser
Breanna Morrow
1314061Milwaukee, WI, University School Of Milwaukee, Chuck Taft

Kennedy and Khrushchev: The Leaders of Two Nations
Julia Rothacker
Kevlyn Holmes
1414055Boulder, CO, Centennial Middle School, Pete Rosato
Jackie Webb

The Women Who Cried: Stories from Vietnam Nurses
Sidney Morss
Katie Olwin
Alice Skok
Azalee Rafii
Junior Web Site   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
117027Coupeville, WA, Coupeville Middle School, Wilbur Purdue

Dances of History: The Conflict of Culture and the Compromise of a Community
Laura Harkins
217024Fresno, CA, Riverview Elementary School, Allison Liu

The Partition of India: Conflict and Compromise that Tore Apart a Nation
Laurel Penrose
Yasmeen Dhindsa
317041Carlisle, PA, St. Patrick Catholic School, Judith Mullery

Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Assimilation Through Education
Patrick Funk
Caitlin Lloyd
417072West Nyack, NY, Felix V. Festa Middle School, Paul Clemente

Solidarity: The Trade Union that Changed Europe
Robert Duggan
517029Ôaiea, HI, Aiea Intermediate School, Evangeline Cabang

Rachel Carson: Lasting Legacy Through Conflict for the Environment
Yuichi Tiffany Lo
617070Le Mars, IA, Le Mars Community Middle School, Jeanne Rust

The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Compromise Which Avoided Nuclear Conflict
Alex Murphy
717061Richmond, KY, Madison Middle School, Keith Brock

The Nuclear War That Never Happened: The Cuban Missile Crisis
Hannah Durbin
817042Columbus, NE, Columbus Middle School, Mary Lou Green

The Unsung Heroines of World War II: The Story of the Women's Airforce Service Pilots
Hannah Pauley
917006Ballwin, MO, Holy Infant School, Robert Stevens

Japanese-American Internment in WW II
Katrina Hauser
1017052Carmel, CA, All Saints' Episcopal Day School, Forbes Keaton

The Cossacks: Victims of the Compromise at Yalta
Peter Krasznekewicz
1117062Plantation, FL, American Heritage School, Leslie Porges

Brown vs. Board of Education: Separate but Equal?
Seth Behar
1217016Austin, TX, Fulmore Middle School, Mary Anne Wilkinson
Vincent Harris

Until She Spoke
Kevin Brenner
1317056Lexington , KY, Lexington Traditional Magnet School, Grace Evensen

The Missouri Compromise: A Pathway to Abolition
Alec Henthorne
1417002Mcmurray, PA, Peters Township Middle School, Vaughn Dailey

The Whiskey Rebellion: The First Test for the New Government
Matthew Dixon
Senior Group Exhibit   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
126025Stanwood, WA, Christianson Home School, Elizabeth Christianson

The Spotted Owl: The Conflict that Caused Life-Changing Compromise
Audrey Christianson
Amy Christianson
226034Kutztown, PA, Kutztown Area High School, Amy Howard

The Grape Boycott: Conflict in the Fields, Compromise for Workers' Rights
Elsa Voytas
Andrew Velik
Emily Stevens
326085Marshalltown, IA, Marshalltown High School, Susan Fritzell

Amish School Battle: A Clash Between Two Worlds
Holly Hassman
Melissa Hassman
426064Rolla, MO, Rolla Junior High School, Mary Mueller
Cynthia Felts
Christy Dalton
Leslie Claxton
Deborah Burke
Debra Heimbaugh
Janiece Mulia

Conflict and Compromise: Christianity and World War II
Andrea Rolufs
Laura Daily
Erica Westenberg
526023Crown City, OH, South Gallia High School, Scot West

No Pay--We Stay: The Bonus March of 1932: Conflict in Washington
Tyler Duncan
Obie McClanahan
626090Painesdale, MI, Jeffers High School, Cheryl Ruohonen

1913-1914: The Strike of Michigan's Copper Mines
Brittany Puska
Hannah Rundman
726058Sandy, UT, Stockbrite Home School, Sandy Stock

The Six Day War: Conflict and Compromises that Redefined Peace in the Middle East
Julia Stock
Johnathon Stock
826068Pierce, NE, Pierce Junior/Senior High School, Brenda Fleecs

They Wanted to Study History, Instead They Became a Part of it: The Conflict and Compromise of Integrating Central High in 1957
Stefanie Hoffman
Danielle Tucker
Shawn Dvorak
926006St. Petersburg, FL, Shorecrest Preparatory School, Ronald Heller

Emmeline Pankhurst: The Conflict and Compromise of Winning the Vote
Rachael Kratz
Lisa Joelle Jahn
Leah Alexander
Ford King
1026014Mcmurray, PA, Peters Township High School, Vaughn Dailey

Fights, Forks, Forts: How Indian Diplomacy at Easton Influenced Pennsylvania's Future
Hannah Yingling
Derek Brouwer
1126070West Nyack, NY, Clarkstown South Senior High School, Abigail Gordon

Behind Barbed Wire: The Conflict and Compromise of Japanese Internment
Allison Cutler
Sondra Lipshutz
Anu Lingala
1226042Deming, NM, Deming High School, Virginia Miller
Noel Nunez

The Bracero Program: Two Nations, One Compromise. A Cycle of Conflicting Views
Abdiel Mireles
Tiffany Mejia
Amy Lerma
Ricardo Trejo
1326039Canton, OK, Canton High School, Penny Heath

761st Come Out Fighting
Marcus Autry
Will Robinson
Justin Schoonmaker
1426046Chicago, IL, Lindblom High School, Molly Myers
Michelle Wielgosz

Lindblom 1968
Lea Starling
Everett Murrell
Jon Murphy
Jonathan Parnell
Senior Group Documentary   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
122070Houston, TX, Eisenhower High School, Debra Brown
Sandra S. El-Gamil
Carol X. Michael
Mari C. Glamser
Adrianne Croxall

From Terrorist to Peacemaker
Dilim Nwobu
Tia McKinney
Austin Glamser
Tasnim Mohamed
222014Bedford, MA, Bedford High School, James Sunderland
David Boschetto

Yalta: The Failure of Such a Peace
Sai Haran
Hamish MacPhail
Suzanne Warner
Jonathan Gault
Kristine Tom
322012Des Moines, IA, Central Academy, Harvey Kimble

The Corn Compromise: An Experiment in Agricultural Diplomacy
Abhishek Vemuri
Max Hawkins
Rohit Iragavarapu
Joshua Johnson
422025Plantation, FL, American Heritage School, Leslie Porges

Changing the Game: A Deep South Conflict, A Compromise of Attitudes
Matthew Mariutto
David Mariutto
522031Nashua, IA, Nashua-Plainfield High School, Suzan Turner

The Comics Code Authority: Responding to Mass Media Criticism
Kyle Graeser
Shane Melver
622056Denver, CO, Denver School of the Arts, Ed Glassman

The Civilian Public Service: Fighting the Front Line on the Home Front
Kevin Bell
Julia Yeckes
Corey Walters
Sammie Clifford
722041New Hyde Park, NY, Herricks School, Melissa Jacobs
Samantha Gerantabee

Constitution in Crisis
Peter Dimarco
Jordan Stein
Amit Kohli
822038Mechanicsburg, PA, Mechanicsburg Area Senior High, Beckie Lacey

Power's Tribute to Reason
Sean Foer
Joshua Logan
922061Houston, TX, Nimitz High School, Barbi Petty
Linda Kleeman
Richard Cheplick
Linda Kleeman

The Great Trade Off
Jose Balderas
Matthew Rodriguez
Katie Bride
Monica Cordova
1022083Brockton, MA, Brockton High School, Bill Szachowicz
Lauren Thomas

The Indian Removal Act of 1830: Legacy of the Five Civilized Tribes
Kevin Gillis
James McAvoy
1122006Sacramento, CA, Mira Loma High School, Timothy Sullivan

The Oslo Accords: A Two State Solution
Troy Yang
Jonathan Wong
Younghyun Kim
Rishi Kulkarni
Raheem Huseinbhai
1222045Storrs, CT, E. O. Smith High School, Karen Paruolo

Deceptive Diplomacy: Political Confrontation at Munich 1938
Puya Gerami
Cristobal Ortega
1322084Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights High School, Dann Parker
Sarah Davis

Rough Hough: Frustration and Redemption
Benjamin Davis
Lawrence Neil
1422076Riverside, CA, Polytechnic High School, Allison Susan Blythe-Magdolen

Conflict and Compromise in the Formation of Entertainment Guilds
Spencer Hord
Ryan Lafferty
Senior Individual Documentary   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
121072Topeka, KS, Topeka High School, Harry M Peterson Jr

Bones of Contention: Battling for Human Dignity at the Salina Indian Burial Pit
Sjobor Hammer
221015Plainsboro, NJ, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, Andrew Lipka

Deaf-Con Two: The Misheard Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Carolyn Lipka
321068Huntingtown, MD, Huntingtown High School, Robert James

The Lucky Dragon Incident: A Catalyst to Conflict and Compromise During the Nuclear Age
Lauren White
421035Lincoln, NE, Science Focus Program, Jim Barstow

The Berlin Blockade: The First Skirmish of the Cold War
Ian Chapo
521058Harrisburg, PA, Bishop McDevitt High School, Eric Mark
Cathy Pagliaro

Kill the Indian: Save the Man
Collin McCarthy
621080X, WA, Klahowya Secondary School, Jeff Kreifels

Rachel Carson's Life and Legacy: Conflict and Compromise
Ruthie Hawley
721018Lincoln, NE, Science Focus Program, Jim Barstow

Why The Buck Stops Here: The Truman/MacArthur Conflict
Wendy Leuenberger
821004Massapequa, NY, Massapequa High School, Dana Robbins

No Light at the End of the Tunnel: Conflict, Compromise, and the Tet Offensive
Charlotte Burger
921052Bakersfield, CA, Centennial High School, Rowena Moore
Ryan Coleman

The Conflict of Nazis in Skokie: A Question of Compromise
Sarah Moore
1021002Los Alamos, NM, Los Alamos High School, Michael Burns

Molly's Children: The American/Irish Mining Conflict
Shannon Burns
1121040Natrona Heights, PA, St. Joseph High School, Rosanne Pucciarelli

To Compromise a Life-A Conflict in the Coal Fields
Patrick Tutka
1221066Santa Fe, NM, Academy for Technology and the Classics, Erin Hemphill
Patricia Joseph

Off the Frontline: Draft Dodgers, Conscientious Objectors, and the Vietnam Anti-War Movement
Jordan McKittrick
1321025Asheville, NC, A.C. Reynolds High School, Jim Goode

The Fall of the Olympic Tradition to a World Oblivious to Compromise
Steven Boehm
1421026Ada, MI, Forest Hills Eastern Middle School, Lea Sevigny

Queen Zenobia and Her Buried Lands
Taima Attal
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 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
125076Minneapolis, MN, South High School, Bob Ferguson

"We Will No Longer Accept Compromise:" Fannie Lou Hamer, the Voice that Inspired Freedom Summer
Sade Ogundiran
225039Upland, CA, Upland High School, Dan Hynes
Marilyn Lubarsky

Conflict and Compromise of the Kindertransport: The British Choice to Save 10,000 Children
Caitlyn Hynes
325013Kutztown, PA, Kutztown Area High School, Amy Howard

"This is My War, too:" The Challenges of Creating the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC)
Erica Yurvati
425064Random Lake, WI, Random Lake High School, Jim Debroux

Mineral Point Mining: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Valerie Dingman
525033Signal Mountain, TN, Stone House School, Sue Hughbanks

Red Tail Angels: How the Tuskegee Airmen Desegregated the U.S. Armed Forces
Grace Hughbanks
625082Topeka, KS, Seaman High School, Susan Sittenauer

Korematsu v. United States
Michael Wollin
725045Cedar Rapids, IA, Kennedy High School, Deb Snook

When Honey Was Money: A Cutting Conflict, A Court-Ordered Compromise
Jeralyn Westercamp
825043Minneapolis, MN, South High School, Bob Ferguson

The Minneapolis Truckers' Strike of 1934: A Conflict Which Forged the Way for Workers' Rights Nationwide
Gary Waelhof
925015Scottsdale, AZ, Desert Mountain High School, Hope Sherman

Prelude to Pearl Harbor: The Panay Conflict and President Roosevelt's Compromise
Adam Sherman
1025062Whitehall, MI, Whitehall High School, Jan Klco

Book Banning: Compromising Rights or Protecting the Innocent?
Natasha Brandel
1125010Owings, MD, Northern High School, Bruce Supanick

Sherman's March: A Means to an End
Scott Agnolutto
1225071Tallahassee, FL, John Paul II Catholic School, Richard Daye

Double Crossing: Conflict and Compromise of the SS St. Louis
Dana Edwards
1325079North Attleboro, MA, North Attleboro High School, Sean Mulkerrins

Fraternal Conflict: Rhode Island's Brown Brothers and the Slave Trade
Mary Lou Hedberg
1425026Eldridge, IA, North Scott High School, Chris Green

China Invades Tibet: Political and Cultural Conflicts with Broken Compromises
Kirstin Marriott
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 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
120016Corpus Christi, TX, Carroll High School, Suzanne Ransleben
Jeffrey Hagen
Sydna Arnold

Egypt's War For Peace
Ian Tuttle
220039Minneapolis, MN, Breck School, Tara Feeney
Robin Ferguson

The Trials of a "Tyrant": The Efficacy of Lincoln's Decision to Defend Democracy by Compromising Habeas Corpus
Jessica Christy
320049Bothell, WA, Canyon Park Junior High School, Dori Wuepper

Peace vs. Justice: A Compromise of Principles in the Treaty of Versailles
Dana Floberg
420079Lincoln, NE, Science Focus Program, Jim Barstow

Galvanized Yankees: The Forgotten Legion
Dakotah Sicking
520070St. Paul, MN, St. Paul College Pseo, Kurt Kortenhof

Conflicting Morals, Compromising Freedom: The Minnesota Press and the Abolishment of Capitol Punishment
Ruth Kostohris
620032Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights High School, Dann Parker
Sarah Davis

Battle For an Infant Nation: The Altalena Affair Conflict and Resolution
Melissa Freilich
720069Little Rock, AR, Pulaski Academy, Jody Musgrove

New Deal or No Deal? Senator Joseph Taylor Robinson's Conflicts, Compromises, and Impact
Vijay Rajaram
820050Edmond, OK, Edmond Memorial High School, Christine Bond

Standing at the Brink of Disaster: Kennedy, Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis
Sean Bender
920044Lincoln, NE, Lincoln Southeast High School, David Nebel

Damming the Niobrara: The Conflict over the Norden Dam
Eric Mooring
1020033Woonsocket, RI, Mount St. Charles Academy, Joseph O'Neill

The Campaign in the Marianas
Daniel Pelzman
1120014, OH, Sprang Home School, Sandra Sprang

Compromise within the Confines of Conscience: Mennonites and the Civilian Public Service
Katie Kutz
1220074Blanding, UT, San Juan High School, Bill Sivert

Uranium Mining in San Juan County, Utah: Compromises and Conflict in an Age of Prosperity
Haley Parker
1320003Huntingtown, MD, Huntingtown High School, William McGowan

The Calvert Vision: Religious Tolerance in the Maryland Colony
Annalise Kenney
1420004Chester, NJ, West Morris Central High School, Rosanne Lichatin

Conflict In the Workplace: The Paterson Silk Strike of 1913
Joan Wilder
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 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
123047Salt Lake City, UT, West High School, Sandra Twiggs

Parental Advisory: Music Censorship vs. Creative Expression
Zara Zemmels
223074St. Paul, MN, Living Faith Academy, Holly Camillo

"Am I Not a Man and Brother?": Conflict, Compromise and the British Movement for Abolition of the Slave Trade
Cambria Camillo
323050Columbia, MO, Rock Bridge High School, Marilyn Toalson

Spirit of Liberty: Benjamin Franklin and Slavery
Chris Ghan
423040Alexandria, VA, Edison High School, Paul Wolfteich

My Task is to Defend Myself: Compromise to Conflict in the Life of Sor Juana
Emily Wolfteich
523072Allentown, PA, Parkland High School, Calliope Volikas

"Give Me Your Children:" Compromise in the Lodz Ghetto
Steven Rosen
623059Akron, IA, Akron-Westfield Community School, Valorie Philips
Colleen Westergard

The Consequence for Lack of Compromise: Mary Mallon and the Public Health Department
Katherine Tindall
723006Kellogg, ID, Kellogg High School, Marcia Wall

Lydia Maria Child: An Appeal For Equality
Chloe Peterson
823001Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights High School, Sarah Davis
Dann Parker

Violation and Volatile Silence: The Use of Rape Warfare Against the Women of Bosnia
Kelsey Deforest
923033Upland, CA, Upland High School, Dan Hynes
Marilyn Lubarsky

The Forgotten Ones: The Conflicts and Compromise of Sir Nicholas Winton
Elizabeth Wroth
1023032Stamford, CT, Stamford High School, Maryann Maguire

From Conflict to Compromise in 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis
Kathleen Clark
1123022Millersville, PA, Penn Manor High School, Chris Meier

Settling for Less to Gain What is Right: The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Christina McSherry
1223063Conway, AR, Conway High School East, William Richardson
Robert Wills
Beverly Sutterfield

Compromise and Refusal to Compromise: The Woman Suffrage Movement
Sara Hales
1323020X, WA, Klahowya Secondary School, Jeff Kreifels

Rosie the Riveter: The Conflicts and Compromises of the American Homefront
Emily Kreifels
1423034Asheville, NC, A.C. Reynolds High School, Jim Goode

Meat Me on the Killing Floor
Celeste Cowan
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 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
124037Bedford, MA, Bedford High School, James Sunderland
David Boschetto

The Seneca Falls Convention: An Event That Sparked and Ultimately Unified the Women's Rights Movement
Katie Harkins
Jynette Demarco
Gemma Smith
224024Denver, CO, Denver School of the Arts, Leni Arnett
Barbara Allen

Ourselves Alone Divided
Clare Barrett
Emily Barrett
Kristian Cowden
Magdalen Thulson
Gwenllian Kern-Allely
324071Gates Mills, OH, Hawken School, Doug Smith

The Armenian Tragedy: Conflict Over the U.S. Response
Timothy Miller
Hannah Miller
424061Conway, AR, Conway High School East, William Richardson
Robert Wills
Beverly Sutterfield

Conflict over Compromise: Protestants in Hitler's Germany
Annie Corbitt
Adam Ford
524039Charlottesville, VA, Monticello High School, Madeline Michel

Fabricating a Conflict: Jefferson's Uncompromised Wall of Separation
Paul Michel
Kaya Berne
Mohammad Rasool
Art Conley
Samantha Lin
624045Denver, CO, Denver School of the Arts, Barbara Allen
Leni Arnett

No Compromise: Fisk Will Stand!
Tia Owens
Phillip Jenkins
Kiko Grimes
Evangelia Guss
Bryan Fitch
724014Copperas Cove, TX, Copperas Cove High School, Stephen Simecek

Blinded: 444 Days of Darkness
Ashley McLendon
Lauren Cox
Trent Jones
Travis Creek
Michael Ehwa
824064Exeter, PA, Wyoming Area Secondary Center, Christine Van Fleet

Conflicts and Compromises of Management and Labor: The Anthracite Coal Mine Strike Trial of 1902
Garth Todd
Matt Suchocki
Katie Feeney
Molly Feeney
Luke Brady
924074Deary, ID, Idaho Distance Education Academy, Barbara Schaefer

Facing Conflict, Yet Never Compromising the Rule of Law ¯ John Adams, the Boston Massacre and the Trials of 1770
Isaac Schaefer
Jordandiann Schaefer
Joel Schaefer
1024009St. Paul, MN, Christ's Household Of Faith School, Pam Alsbury
Dennis Simonson

Lipstick vs. Grease: Gender Role Conflicts and Compromises Exploding out of WWII
MacKenzie Schuett
Camara Butler
1124047Bradenton, FL, Bradenton Preparatory Academy, Diane Small

Conflict in the Newsroom, Kids on Strike: The Conflict and Compromise Story of the Newsboy Strike of 1899
Elora Czaia
Justine Rizzo
Adam Gomes
Stephen Mida
Cody Glasgow
1224023Minneapolis, MN, Blake School, Lee Woolman

The French Impressionist Movement: From a Centime to Forty Million Dollars
Audrey Greene
Katie McElrath
1324015Natrona Heights, PA, St. Joseph High School, Rosanne Pucciarelli

From the Desk of Harry S. Truman
Sarah Straub
Meagan Gemperlein
Lauren Brock
1424007Albuquerque, NM, Albuquerque High School, Patricia Gardner

Elaine Alexander
Savannah Torres
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 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
127017Clayton, MO, Clayton High School, Joshua Meyers

Nixon's 1972 Visit to China: Compromise Across a 23-Year Ocean of Conflict
Chi Zeng
227058Irvine, CA, Woodbridge High School, Joan Malkin

From Conflict to Compromise: "A More Perfect Union"
Christine Lin
Lisa Takenaka
Nathaniel Schuetz
Kellie Kamimoto
Nathan Turner
327028Denver, CO, Denver School of the Arts, Ed Glassman

Chinese Exclusion: Conflict and Compromise
Huan Manton
427051Boulder, CO, Fairview High School, Leigh Campbell-Hale
Scott Peoples

The Dark Hour of Temptation
Anna Naoumova
Risha Patel
Michelle Shu
527065Crawford, NE, Independent, Moni Hourt

The Conflicting Images of Buffalo Bill's Wild West
Luke Prosser
627011Manitowoc, WI, Lincoln High School, Cory Erlandson
Rachael George

The Antis: Opposition to Woman Suffrage
Sonya Hochkammer
727002, OH, Crown Academy, Todd Sharkey

Rockefeller vs. the World: The Pendulum Theory of Enterprise Regulation
Mitchell Birti
Ryan Bolyard
Caleb Ference
Joshua White
Alexandra Mellen
827031Asheville, NC, A.C. Reynolds High School, Jim Goode

The Berlin Airlift
Sivan Levine
Sophia Krieg
Marshall Jones
927038Coventry, RI, Coventry High School, Lisa Johansen

Cuban Missile Crisis
Joshua Catalfamo
James Mullen
1027062Stanwood, WA, Stanwood High School, Sabrina Shaw

Dayton Peace Accords: A Compromise that brought a Tentative Peace to the Balkans
Ryan Knott
Bojan Francuz
1127015Commack, NY, Commack High School, Susan Glaser
Robert Plechner
Denis Conroy

Shinnecock Land Conflicts: An Ongoing Battle Between Traditional Belief and Failed Compromises
Shalini Pammal
1227044Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Dennis Jutras
Maureen O'Neill

Energy, Fission, and the Road to Compromise
Michail Denchev

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