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Junior Group Exhibit   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
116073Idaho Falls, ID, Rocky Mountain Middle School, Rona Johnson

Fighting For Victory One Stamp at a Time: Buster Hill
Marissa Lords
Tyler Stephens
216032Kutztown, PA, Kutztown Area Middle School, Betty Imboden

Messenger of Broken Promises: The Questionable Legacy of Sarah Winnemucca
Kayla Smith
Hannah Schumacher
Rachel Stump
316079Minneapolis, MN, Breck School, Robin Ferguson

Individual Reformer: Dr. Jane Hodgson's Battle Against Unjust Abortion Laws
Hutton Phillips
Sophie Burton
416070Riverside, CA, Amelia Earhart Middle, Kent Byer

Elizabeth Blackwell: The Legacy of the First Woman Doctor
Elizabeth Brandon
Holly Everson
516024Brooklyn, NY, Genesis At Xaverian, Valerie Gilson

Building New York City: The Gilded Age Immigrant
John Giambrone
Ryan McEvoy
616022Everett, MA, George Keverian School, Kristen Decourcy
Paul Bertone

Dorothea Dix - Advocate for the Mentally Ill
Elizabeth Gerace
Meghan McNeill
Rebecca Merriman
716059Baytown, TX, Horace Mann J H, James Fisher
Noemi (Ami) Liggett
Suzanne Ferrell

A Helping Hand , A Healing Heart: Father Damien
Jonathan Guajardo
Jairo Monasterio
Jesus Zepeda
816039Canton, OK, Canton High School, Penny Heath

Bielski Brothers Defiant Actions: Living Legacy
Jamie Holsapple
Taylor Bromlow
Leah Shifflett
Paige Sutton
916045Stamford, CT, Rippowam Middle School, Maryann Maguire

Eisenhower: The Man Behind D-Day
Philippe Vibien
Sean Martin
1016010Nibley, UT, Thomas Edison Charter School South, Jolyne Merchant

Joe Hill: You Can Bury the Man, But You Can't Bury the Dream
Brooke Jorgensen
Taylor Warner
Melissa Checketts
Jayme Warner
1116002Lexington, KY, Winburn Middle School, Theresa Buczek

Photography Can Light Up Darkness and Expose the Ignorance: Lewis Hine
Kelsey Brown
Julie Graf
1216051Plainsboro, NJ, Community Middle School, Karen Rosnick

Raoul Wallenberg - The Grave Savior
Shruti Marathe
Alisha Kanitkar
1316090Westford, MA, Blanchard Middle School, Derek Parker

J. Robert Oppenheimer: Radiance of a Thousand Suns
Sarah Welch
Priyanka Ram
Miriam Szabo-Wexler
1416056New York, NY, Manhattan Day School, Eytan Apter

Jim Bowie: The Making of an American Legend
Stephanie Guz
Elky Melohn
Junior Group Documentary   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
112011Plainsboro, NJ, Community Middle School, Karen Rosnick

The Great Depression: Hoover's Unexpected Foe
Matthew Greenberg
Bennett Greenberg
212074Powell, TN, Home School, Katie Vandergriff
Sabrina Gray

Dr. Robert F. Thomas: The Great Smoky Mountains Horseback Healer of Body and Soul
Maranda Vandergriff
Elisa Vandergriff
Elijah Gray
312015Moriarty, NM, Moriarty Middle School, Amy Page

Alice King: Children's Champion
Alicia Page
Kolene Winn
412068Baytown, TX, Baytown J H, Peter Cushman

Rachel Carson: An Act of Change
Kaitlyn Kolarik
Caisey Arnold
Lauren Sparkes
512075Columbus, NE, St. Isidore Elementary School, Mary Green

A.J. Higgins: Inventor, Patriot, Hero
Alex Pandorf
Adam Starzec
612085Madison, WI, Eagle School, Janice Lacock

We Shall Overcome: The Impact of Pete Seeger and his Music
Jeffrey Zhao
Nate Smith
712046Denver, CO, Denver School Of The Arts, Ed Glassman

Samuel Clemens: Man of Literature in the Struggle to Reform America
Kaitlyn Kraybill-Voth
Sylvie Novins-Montague
812029Willington, CT, Hall Memorial School, Patricia Pinney

Huey Long: Champion for the Common Man
Ethan Baker
Wei Jia Ma
Christopher Raymond
912061Eldridge, IA, North Scott Junior High School, Chris Green

Annie Wittenmyer, "God's Angel" of the Civil War: How Her Actions Created Her Legacy
Allison Coe
Shelby Oetzel
Laura Klever
1012062Nashville, IN, Brown County Junior High School, Valerie Dewar

One Candle Lights the World: The Legacy of Ryan White
Emily Cameron
Josie Gray
1112033Cheyenne, WY, Jessup Elementary School, Bridget Dubberley

Seeing is Believing: Lewis Hine's Visual Legacy
Kirstie Lind
Kaylee Lind
1212014Conway, AR, Carl Stuart Middle School, Sherry Holder
Kaye McMillian

Just What the Doctor Ordered--Reading That's Fun! Actions and Legacies of Theodor Seuss Geisel
Caroline Osborn
Emily Bailey
1312040Topeka, KS, Seaman Middle School, Kyle Johnson

Billy Mills: Every Passion Has Its Destiny
Robert Horton
Trenton Miller
1412009Cape Coral, FL, Diplomat Middle School, Tamara Hagen
Caroline Toadvine
Sue Loshuertos

An Ordinary Hero
Dianelys Barrios
Tisha Saylor
Junior Individual Documentary   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
111004Lander, WY, South Elementary School, Kendra Bush

Senekerim Dohanian: Uncle Sam's Ace Insect Hunter
Robert Coulter
211072Risco, MO, Risco R-2 Schools, Michael Murphy
Melanie Tipton

Formula for a First Lady
Kassidy Murphy
311029Plainsboro, NJ, Community Middle School, Karen Rosnick

John J. Mooney: Environmental Pioneer - A Catalyst for Change
Liam Knox
411075Des Plaines, IL, Science & Arts Academy, Ron Solberg

Florence Kelley and Her Fight for Children's Rights
Sarah Seibert
511037La Plata, MD, Milton Somers Middle School, Kristen Mitchell
Kyle Gobe

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.
Ryan Burton
611012Ada, MI, Forest Hills Eastern Middle School, Lea Sevigny

Ibn Sina: Prince of Physicians
Noah Attal
711052Kutztown, PA, Kutztown Area Middle School, Betty Imboden

From Vilified Communist to American Patriot: Pete Seeger and the Evolution of a Folk Legend
John Bowen
811045Minneapolis, MN, Lake Harriet Community School, Debra Krawetz

More than Words: The Legacy of Sigurd F. Olson
Carl-Lars Engen
911065Eldridge, IA, North Scott Junior High School, Chris Green

Lou Henry Hoover: Actions to Empower Women
Gretchen Mohr
1011062Cheyenne, WY, East High School, Jennifer Calvetti

A Broken Man to a Raging Tiger: A Failure of Military Intelligence
Jacob Zumo
1111082Mooresville, NC, Woodlawn School, Beth Helfrich
Beth Schaffner

Marion Post Wolcott: Documenting the Depression
Lachlan Johnson
1211021Austin, TX, O Henry Middle, Duane Devereaux

Charlie Wilson: How He Defeated the Russians
Bo Balagia
1311017Midland, GA, Midland Middle School, Sue Funk

The Story of Nelson Mandela
Steven Hobson
1411083Princeton Junction, NJ, Grover Middle School, Joan Ruddiman

Alexander Hamilton: A Life and Legacy Grounded in the Pursuit of Legitimacy and Honor
Sally Jiao
Junior Individual Exhibit   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
115011Redmond, WA, Sunrise Elementary School, Paula Cautrell
Patti Kalinski

Patsy T. Mink: Rewriting the Rules
Emily Hamlin
215038Topeka, KS, Topeka Collegiate, John Macdonald
Lanny Moyer
John MacDonald
Scott Shipman

Harry Colmery Writes the First G.I. Bill: The Making of the American Middle Class
Cooper Self
315090Moreno Valley, CA, Vista Heights Middle School, Susan Young
Autumn Earle-Rodriguez

The Driving Force of America: Henry Ford's Actions and Legacies
Jason Ablott
415084Pensacola, FL, Brown Barge Middle School, Mallory Heath
Linda Fussell

Message for Civil Rights: A. Philip Randolph
Jalen Benson
515082Manalapan, NJ, Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School, Jacqueline Colon
Lisa Robinson

"When in Doubt Protect the Consumer." Dr. Harvey W. Wiley - A Legacy of Consumer Activism
Eric Sauer
615027Minneapolis, MN, Breck School, Robin Ferguson

Every Child a Wanted Child: Margaret Sanger's Individual Crusade
Alayna O'Bryan
715064Carthage, MO, Home School, Julie Peer

Julia Lathrop and Better Babies
Eric Peer
815088Sequim, WA, Sequim Middle School, Tricia Billes
Todd Beuke

John Davison Rockefeller: America's Most Hated Businessman and Most Beloved Philanthropist
Trevor Consoliver
915043Columbus, GA, Richards Middle School, Claire Derr

How Does Franklin D. Roosevelt Still Affect Our Lives Today?
Leighellen McCormick
1015012Colorado Springs, CO, Challenger Middle School, Ann Gustafson

Black or White: Best Players Play
Andrew Wallace
1115033La Crosse, WI, Lincoln Middle School, Sherry Gillies

Lewis Hine: Exposing a National Disgrace
Annelise Escher
1215059Eldridge, IA, North Scott Junior High School, Chris Green

Eva Schloss: Sharing Her Legacy So None Will Forget
Taylor Beitzel
1315056Canton, OK, Canton High School, Penny Heath

Warren Spahn: Heroic Actions and Legendary Legacies
Kacey Rogers
1415021Jessup, MD, Patuxent Valley Middle School, Leila Mahlin

Gustave Eiffel: Magician of Iron
Faith Chung
Junior Paper   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
110063Redmond, WA, Redmond Junior High School, Kimm Jensen

Leader and Spokesman for a People in Exile: Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce
Samvit Jain
210057Le Mars, IA, Le Mars Community Middle School, Jeanne Rust

Frances Perkins: A Woman of Action Who Remembered the ""Forgotten Man"" and Left a Legacy for Workers Everywhere
Yashila Permeswaran
310044Sequim, WA, Sequim Middle School, Tricia Billes
Todd Beuke

Fiction that Altered History: Harriet Beecher Stowe Ignites a Passion for Abolition
Hillary Smith
410073St. Paul, MN, Twin Cities Academy, Mike Shelhamer

Eva McDonald Valesh: A Crusader for the Working Woman
Ana Schaff
510086Waco, TX, Lake Air Middle, Mary Duty

Beyond the Great Debaters: Melvin Tolson--Father of the Civil Rights Movement
Corey Roberts
610010Whitefish Bay, WI, Whitefish Bay Middle School, Jeff Widder

The Man Outside the Public Eye: Re-Examining the Life and Legacies of Joseph R. McCarthy
Elizabeth Karron
710080Allentown, PA, Springhouse Middle School, Chris Gigler
Joshua Abrams

Dread Ignorance More Than Taxation: Thaddeus Stevens and the Defense of the Pennsylvania Common School Law of 1834
Leah Wenhold
810018Carlisle, IA, Carlisle Middle School, Millie Frese
Leann Oldenburger

A Matter of Conscience: Harper Lee's Call for Justice in "To Kill a Mockingbird"
Rebekah Frese
910030Boulder, CO, Summit Middle Charter School, Mary Kathryn Wood

Professor George Norlin: Inspirational Opponent of Discrimination and Bigotry
David Ritzwoller
1010035Ware, MA, Homeschool, Katie O'Brien

John Garand: Inventor of the M1 Rifle
Margaret O'Brien
1110026Tampa, FL, Farnell Middle School, Elizabeth Dunham
Gene Hazel

Wernher von Braun: An Inspired Engineer or an Immoral Villain?
Anna Yannakopoulos
1210005St. Clairsville, OH, Clarke Homeschool, Martha Clarke

Thomas Edison: Dimming the Lights of a Nation
Rachel Clarke
1310082Hingham, MA, Hingham Middle School, Jennifer Cross

Ichabod Paddock: How his actions and Legacy Impacted America and the World
Cameron Juric
1410042Commack, NY, Commack Ms, Brian Trapani

Ray Kroc's Supersize Impact on American Culture
Jamie Keenan
Junior Individual Performance   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
113067Lummi Island, WA, Prince Home School, Irene Prince

Justitia Omnibus: Clarence Earl Gideon and the Right to Counsel for the Poor - Changing History from Behind Bars
Simone Prince-Eichner
213065Boerne, TX, Boerne Middle School North, Bryan Degner

Maude Davison and the First Women Prisoners of War
Kara Roberts
313039Charlottesville, VA, Leslie Walton Middle School, John Worozbyt

Forging the Chain: The Civil Rights Legacy of Harry S Truman
Patrick Bond
413015Albuquerque, NM, Albuquerque Christian School, Dawn McKenzie

The Peace of an Urban Warlord: The Broken Legacy of Conservative Vice Lord Bobby Gore
Reilly O'Rear
513052Akron, IA, Akron-Westfield Community School, Valorie Philips
Colleen Westergard

Rachel Carson: Actions Towards a Legacy of Environmental Consciousness
Emily Meerdink
613037Harrisburg, PA, Holy Name Of Jesus School, Frank Kramer

Stephanie Kwolek: Bullet Proofing the World
Bianca Disanto
713026Minneapolis, MN, Carondelet Catholic Middle School, Josh Nutter

Weaving the Guipil: Rigoberta Menchu's Protest for Racial Equality in Guatemala
Francesca Dawis
813076Bradenton, FL, Nolan Middle School, Stephanie Pragnell
Diane Vestrand

Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Mackenzie Yaryura
913008Lander, WY, Starrett Junior High School, Stacey Polson

Chief Washakie: Quick to Observe
Kennedy Thatch
1013016Baytown, TX, Horace Mann J H, Noemi (Ami) Liggett
Suzanne Ferrell
Nan Tiller

Dolores Huerta
Miroslava Zendejas
1113053Silver Spring, MD, Eastern Middle School, Laurie Hawe

That Flanagan Woman: The Story of Hallie Flanagan in Three Parts
Alanna Natanson
1213023Columbia, MO, Smithton Middle School, Thomas Prater

Jawaharlal Nehru: His Influence on India today
Ashwath Kumar
1313002Moriarty, NM, Moriarty Middle School, Amy Page

James Naismith: Connecting Faith and Sports
Peter Brown
1413061Warwick, RI, Aldrich Junior High School, Terri Hebert

The Printer's Trial of 1735 - The Story of John Peter Zenger and Freedom of the Press
Brendan McNamara
Junior Group Performance   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
114040Bakersfield, CA, Fruitvale Junior High School, Jennifer Mykytiuk

Sylvia Mendez: The Legacy of a Young Girl's Fight of Equality in Education
Marissa Manos
Ramie Sahota
Bianca Hinojosa
Calvin Laverty
Sameen Bramer
214044Honolulu, HI, Kahuku High & Intermediate School, Lisa Rodvien

Hope is an Action: The Legacy of Father Damien
Zachary Frampton
Kameron Ho Ching
Kenner Shumway
314012Minneapolis, MN, Cyber Village Academy, Cherie Neima

Frances Densmore the Song Catcher: An Individual Takes Action to Preserve the Native American Legacy
Katie Kostohris
Kateri Schmidt
Maggie Schmidt
414024Canton, OK, Canton Junior High School, Dora Fuqua

The Deep Water Legacy of Samuel Clemens
Luke Fuqua
Marci Howerton
Isaac Sanderson
514004Laramie, WY, Homer-Wambeam Home School, Laurie Homer

Theodor Suess Geisel: Moral and Social Justice Fighter
London Homer-Wambeam
Alexandra Briere
614027West Nyack, NY, Felix V. Festa Ms, Paul Clemente

Douglas MacArthur
Gabi Im
Lauren Lee
714031Baytown, TX, Horace Mann J H, Noemi (Ami) Liggett
Suzanne Ferrell
Nan Tiller

Michael DeBakey: Living In the Hearts of the World
Anna Lopez
Harrison Wier
Diana Torres
Amanda Tallent
814073Plymouth, MI, East Middle School, Tammie Groth

Dorothea Lange: A Photographer for the People
Shannon Guo
Calgary Haines-Trautman
Megan Hoffman
Andrea Mathew
Andrea Ringer
914087Boerne, TX, Boerne Middle School North, Bryan Degner

Doolittle's Raid
Dustin Decker
Ted Goles
Jake Margozewitz
Quinten Daniel
1014078Hendersonville, NC, St Dominic Savio Home School, Lisa Dillon

Theodor Geisel: The Author, the Illustrator, the Man
Hailey Kater
Reece Kelsch
Victoria Thomas
Margaret Dillon
1114051Lander, WY, Starrett Junior High School, Stacey Polson

Martha Graham—A Lesson in Courage: A Story of Contemporary Dance
Louisa Austin
Montana Sannes
1214069Tucson, AZ, Centennial Elementary, Mary Destefano

EMERY KOLB & THE KOLB BROTHERS: Imaging the Grand Canyon
Britteny Broom
Savanna Bejarano
Vivianna Betancourt
Anjanette Guerrero
1314020Somerville, MA, Kennedy School, Jennifer Sears
Christine Colangelo

Entwined by Legacy: The Two First Ladies of the Civil War
Ruthie Grossman
Samantha Pitkin
1414060Falls Church, VA, George Mason High, Rory Dippold

Elizabeth I: Queen Whose Actions Transformed England
Honora Overby
Fae Montgomery
Junior Web Site   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
117049Riverside, CA, Amelia Earhart Middle, Kent Byer

Alfred Nobel: Inventions of Destruction - Legacy of Peace
Osten Anderson
217005Ada, MI, Forest Hills Eastern Middle School, Jim Cross

Harriet Beecher Stowe: Author and Abolitionist
Charlotte Cassidy
Clara Cullen
317078Redmond, WA, Redmond Junior High School, Kimm Jensen

Mikhail S. Gorbachev: Dictator for Democracy
Rahul Devanarayanan
Nicholas Kodati
417057Scottsdale, AZ, Mountainside Middle School, Lois Sugar

Liberating Dictator: Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution
Austen Yueh
417025Ballwin, MO, Holy Infant School, Bob Stevens

Marie Curie: Researcher and Role Model
Rachel Hauser
517046Renton, WA, McKnight Middle School, Jacqueline Longee

Commodore Perry: Big Gun Diplomacy and the Opening of Japan
Jon Fortescue
617023Wauwatosa, WI, St. Jude The Apostle School, Cathy Richter

Jacob Riis: How He Shed Light on Poverty
Teddy Boesen
717031Liberty, MO, Liberty Junior High School, Inga Nordstrom-Kelly

Rebel Rose: A Life of Espionage and Secrecy
Emily Duncan
817012Waco, TX, Tennyson Middle, Sherry Mullins

Something for All Girls: Juliette Gordon Low and the Girl Scouts
Katherine Parker
917022Hockessin, DE, Towle Institute, Joyce Newcomb

The Stand That Stood the Test of Time
Devin Soliwoda
1017083Aiea, HI, Aiea Intermediate School, Robert Tabije

Lewis Hine
Rebecca Bolosan
1117056St. Paul, MN, Capitol Hill Magnet School, David Howard

Blood and Bugles: Jonathan Letterman and the Birth of the American Ambulance System
Aaron Hathaway
1317040Lusby, MD, Mill Creek Middle School, Art Wittig

Nicola Tesla: Inventor of Tomorow
Calvin Davies
Cameron Forrest
Ronnie Forster
1417070Dickinson, ND, P S Berg Elem School, Cheryl Lantz

Harold Schafer: An Individual in Business, Inventing and Philanthropy
Rachel Lantz
Senior Group Exhibit   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
126061San Diego, CA, Francis Parker School, Cherie Redelings

From Sweden to the Secretariat: The Legacy of Dag Hammarskjold
Kristina Bohl
Emily Bohl
226007Conway, AR, Conway High School East, William Richardson
Robert Wills

Benjamin Franklin: An Individual Whose Politics, Inventions, and Ideas Shaped History
Lindsey McKee
Sydney Taylor
Christie Ernsbarger
326083Canton, OK, Canton High School, Penny Heath

Patton: The Man, Moment and Legacy
Will Robinson
Justin Schoonmaker
426050Cheraw, SC, Cheraw High School, Gail Ingram

Julius Rosenwald: A Jewish Philanthropist's Action and Legacy for African Americans
Laura Brabham
Rebecca Marsh
Rachel Marsh
526035Fergus Falls, MN, Fergus Falls High School, Marjorie Eerdmans

Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker: George C. Marshall and the Marshall Plan
William Eerdmans
Andrew Eerdmans
626075Spanaway, WA, Bethel High School, Jim Sawatzki

Roger Baldwin and the ACLU: Defending the Individual Since 1920
Michael Gant
Manuel Estacio
Emily Molstad
Shelby Woods
726069Ottawa, KS, Ottawa Sr High, Candie Campbell

Gavrilo Princip: Forgotten Man, Unforgettable Legacy
Anna Stone
Lindsay Frank
826048Kutztown, PA, Kutztown Area High School, Amy Howard

Sigmund Freud: The Controversial Influence of the Structured Mind
Chad Dunkelberger
Emily Stevens
926021Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights High School, Tim Mitchell

Kim Phuc: The Pain that Seared America
Ilana Polster
Michelle Scharfstein
1026038Anaheim, CA, Acaciawood School, Nathalia Molina

Martin Cooper: Mobilizing the World
Agape Deng
Vanessa Hidalgo
1126053St. Paul, MN, St. Paul Open School, Susanne Hollingsworth

Bayard Rustin: Behind the Civil Rights Movement
Jennifer Lor
Ruby Uribe
Demetrius Sass
Candice Fuller
1226036Columbus, IN, Columbus Christian School, Ryan Roth

J. Irwin Miller: Local Actions Forge a Global Legacy
Kyle Roth
Luke Mathis
1326015Deming, NM, Deming High School, Virginia Miller

(R)evolucion: One Indvidual's Transformation to Revolutionize Latin America
Tiffany Mejia
Abdiel Mireles
Ricardo Trejo
Juan Rodriguez
1426003Cantonment, FL, J.M. Tate High School, Mallory Heath
Cherie Arnette

Grace Murray Hopper: America's "Amazing Grace"
Karissa Kleinschmidt
Katelynn Scallan
Jesse Adcock
Senior Group Documentary   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
122071St. Paul, MN, Highland Park Sr. High School, Beth Kallestad
Marissa Bonk

Sir Edmund Hillary: Building a Legacy of Education and Sustainable Development
Hannah Powers
Erica Dombro
Dena Coffman
222011Riverside, CA, Polytechnic High, Allison Blythe

William Mullholland: Actions of an Individual, A Legacy for Millions
Jasper Bernbaum
David Hong
Ryan Homme
322046Houston, TX, Eisenhower High School, Debra Brown
Jeffrey Brush
Carol Michael

Legacy of a Secularist
Tasnim Mohamed
Dimas Gonzales
Jonathan Espinoza
Nernwon Kargou
Alejandro Suazo
422072Haven, KS, Haven High, Vicki Galloway

Ahead of His Time: J. M. Keynes and His Economic Legacy
Carolyn Roederer
Trent Rhodes
522052Cherry Hill, NJ, Cherry Hill High School East, Christy Marrella-Davis

Thomas Paine: The Action of One; The Legacy of Many
Jonathan Silverstone
Matthew Bogdonoff
Brendon Rush
Alex Swartz
Jake Tuff
622028Sacramento, CA, Mira Loma High School, Tim Sullivan
Rich Hale

Winston Churchill: His Finest Hour
Alekya Reddy
Raheem Huseinbhai
Younghyun Kim
Jonathan Wong
Troy Yang
722074Moriarty, NM, Moriarty High School, Amy Page

From Foxhole to Home Front: Ernie Pyle's Epic Story
Ashley Page
Elizabeth Montano
822010Jefferson, GA, Jefferson High School, Charles Elfer

Upton Sinclair: the Man Who Showed America to Herself
Clara Logue
Sarah Beggs
Joshua Whitfield
922024Houston, TX, Nimitz High School, Linda Kleeman
Barbi Petty

A Legacy Greater Than The Game: The Great Experiment
Kaitlin Barnes
Monica Cordova
Jose Balderas
Chris Button
Daniel Nelson
1022067Lincoln, NE, Lincoln Southeast High School, David Nebel

Harold E Edgerton: Freezing Time
Graham Brooks
Carl Post
1122044Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights High School, Tim Mitchell

Introducing America to Americans: Roy Stryker and the FSA Photographs
Gabe Gordon
Kayla Pincus
1222020Warwick, RI, Warwick Veterans Memorial Hs, Ed Kimmerlein

Alice Paul and the Women's Rights Movement: A Fight Worth Fighting
Rebecca Hurd
Emma Hindinger
1322060Nashville, IN, Brown County High School, Brenda Krieger

Communes, Cults, and Kool-Aid: The Legacy of Jim Jones
Matt Cameron
Lary Voils
Benjamin Herr
Andrew Quackenbush
1422034Sandy, UT, Light Educational Co-Op, Sandy Stock

"Hidden In Plain Sight": Rockefeller's Dual Legacies of Honor & Deceit
Robby Whitaker
Johnathon Stock
Corey Stock
Julia Stock
Avonlea Whitaker
Senior Individual Documentary   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
121004Plainsboro, NJ, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, Andrew Lipka

Legislation By Johnson: Man and Moment
Carolyn Lipka
221041Houston, TX, Nimitz High School, Linda Kleeman
Barbi Petty

The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican
Kathleen Bride
321057Bakersfield, CA, Centennial High School, Rowena Moore

Silently Leaving a Legacy: The Actions of Chiune Sugihara
Sarah Moore
421062Huntingtown, MD, Huntingtown High School, Mary Casey

Art as Activism: The Compelling Paintings of Ben Shahn
Lauren White
521039Eldridge, IA, North Scott High School, Chris Green

"Blood and Guts": Upton Sinclair Carves His Legacy in The Jungle
Sean Lovellette
621074Durand, WI, Durand Senior High School, Brenda Gray

Harry S. Truman: The "S" is for Surprise
Jacob Wrasse
721060Gatlinburg, TN, Gatlinburg Pittman H, Rebecca Byrd

Evelyn Bishop: Crafting a Legacy in the Tennessee Mountains
Hannah Clevenger
821008Topeka, KS, Topeka High, Harry M Peterson Jr

"With Dignity and Purpose": Ron Walters and the Dockum Drug Store Sit-In
Sjobor Hammer
921032Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Dennis Jutras

Sargent Shriver: From Idealism to Institution
Nathan Rehr
1021059Storm Lake, IA, Storm Lake High School, Roberta Moore

Medical Maverick: One Man's Quest to Cure Mental Illness
Kristine Davis
1121078Los Alamos, NM, Los Alamos Hs, Allen Andraski

All That Devils Could Ask For: The Actions and Legacy of Sherman in the South
Shannon Burns
1221014Danvers, MA, St. John's Preparatory School, Charles Newhall

Charles Sumner: Champion of Freedom
Nic Petre
1321021Kirkland, WA, International Community School, Mark Bach

J. Harlen Bretz and the Great Missoula Flood: An Individual and his Radical Geologic Theory
Nathan Maris
1421034Minco, OK, Minco High School, Bonnie Ross

Lights, Camera, Legacy: The Actions and Legacies of Leni Riefenstahl
Marla Ross
Senior Individual Exhibit   [back to top]
 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
125064Norco, CA, Norco High School, Amy Sanchez
Diana Stiller

Lewis Hine: Exposing Child Labor
Sharlyn Nelson
225045St. Louis Park, MN, St. Louis Park High School, Ann Jurewicz

John Snow
Katherine Caron
325037Englishtown, NJ, Manalapan High School, Nydia Dossantos

"Can You Tell Me How We Got to Sesame Street?"
Veronica Pereira
425090Eldridge, IA, North Scott High School, Chris Green

Understanding More, Fearing Less: Marie Curie's Radium Legacy
Kayla Kaasa
525077Coon Rapids, MN, Parkview Academy, Dawn Young

Seeking Victory without Violence: James Farmer Jr.
Joshua Pfitzer
625081Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights High School, Tim Mitchell

Her Cry for Nature: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Rise of the Environmental Movement
Heidi Reis
725066Pensacola, FL, Pensacola High School, Mallory Heath
Michael Jones

Governor Leroy Collins: Moderation, Toleration, and the Preservation of Order During the Civil Rights Movement
Nathan Gupta
825059Signal Mountain, TN, Homeschool - Stone House School, Sue Hughbanks

"Our Marquis": Lafayette in the American Revolution
Grace Hughbanks
925015Honeoye Falls, NY, Honeoye Falls-Lima Shs, Christina Preston

Captain Walter Farmer and the Wiesbaden Manifesto
Michael Tarantelli
1025030Boulder, CO, Fairview High School, Leigh Campbell-Hale

Coco Chanel - A Century at the Cutting Edge
Ailsa Walsh
1125013Russellville, AR, Russellville Jr. High School, Gayla Bailey

Golda Meir: Illuminating the Zionist Vision
Emily Blackard
1225018Riverside, CA, Polytechnic High, Susan Magdolen

The Creator of the Atomic Bomb: J. Robert Oppenheimer's Actions in History and Legacy
Andrea Canales
1325047Tumon Bay, GU, Saint John's School, Jaclyn Zapanta

Living through the Invasion: The Story of Maria Concepcion
Mariana Gabriel
1425007Boise, ID, Riverstone Community School, Karen Grindle
Chad Carlson
Jeff Neberman
Andrew Johnson
Josh Udesen

Genghis Khan: The First Great Communicator
Andrew Roan
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 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
120048Milwaukee, WI, University School Of Milwaukee, Chuck Taft
Benjamin Zarwell

Cholera and the Broad Street Pump: The Life and Legacy of John Snow
Laura Ball
220068Minneapolis, MN, Blake School, Deana Jaeschke-Clapp
Lisa Sackreiter

Man of the Hour: How Hubert Humphrey Broke the Longest Filibuster in History and Passed the Landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964
Jack Schnettler
320024White Bear Lake, MN, White Bear Lake High School North, Ted Eibs

King of Hearts: The Actions and Legacy of Minnesota Surgeon Dr. C. Walton Lillehei
Emily Brown
420028, IA, Lemars Community High School, Jeanne Rust

George Washington Carver: Taking Action to Raise the Man Farthest Down; Leaving a Legacy for Us All
Palani Permeswaran
520041Washington, DC, National Cathedral School, Elizabeth Dudrow

Entrepreneur Brownie Wise: Selling Tupperware to America's Women in the 1950s
Christina Bax
620083Kellogg, ID, Kellogg High School, Marci Barrett

Studs Terkel: The People's Oral Historian
Silas Domy
720061Middleton, WI, Middleton High School, Kari Weiss

Her Name was Theresa Menardi: A Public Health Nurse Caring for Trinidad Colorado
Emma Svenson
820085Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights High School, Dann Parker

Tomorrow Will Be a Great Struggle
Emily Nosse-Leirer
920021Mililani, HI, Mililani High School, Amy Perruso

James Longstreet: Confederate Traitor, Republican Patriot
Sarah Nishioka
1020076Hackensack, NJ, Bergen County Academics, Mark Kramer

Samuel Adams: A Confused Legacy
Patricia Stichnoth
1120062Corpus Christi, TX, Carroll H S, Sydna Arnold
Paula Berny

With Words His Weapon: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and the Exposure of the Communist Dystopia
Ian Tuttle
1220005Irvine, CA, Woodbridge High School, Joan Malkin

Zola Awakens the Conscience of France
Patience Haggin
1320031, SH, Concordia International School Shanghai, Mark Johnson
Nicholas Kent

Stanley Milgram: Electrifying Our Past and Present
Jennifer Hsu
1420011Ithaca, NY, Ithaca City Sd, Maryterese Pasquale

Diego Velazquez and Realism
Mariko Azis
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 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
123058Searcy, AR, Riverview High School, Robin Burge

By Deeds Not Words: Alice Paul's Militant Fight for Women's Suffrage
Laura Holmes
223070Minneapolis, MN, Blake School, Deana Jaeschke-Clapp
Lisa Sackreiter

Speaking for the Truth: John Scopes
Max Johnson
323027Corpus Christi, TX, Carroll H S, Sydna Arnold
Renee George

Post-Modern Prometheus: Robert Oppenheimer
Brooks Benadum
423001Conway, AR, Conway High School East, William Richardson
Robert Wills

The Little Lion: Alexander Hamilton and the Creation of the American Economy and Government
Kerry Cole
523017South Hamilton, MA, Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School, Kevin O'Reilly
Johann Knets

Jessica Mitford
Rebecca Fallon
623044Derwood, MD, Perdue Academy, Susan Perdue

Ne'er to Be Forgotten: The Legacy of Robert Burns
Christopher Perdue
723056White Bear Lake, MN, White Bear Lake High School North, Mike Daniel

The Sounds of Silence: The Actions and Legacies of Professor Graeme Clark
Alex Westad
823010Cheraw, SC, Cheraw High School, Gail Ingram

The Legacy of Emmett Till: A Martyr for a Movement
Joshuah Campbell
923035Gunnison, CO, Gunnison High School, Mark High

Georg Duckwitz: I Knew What I Must Do
Katelyn Barrett
1023026Pierce, NE, Pierce Jr/Sr High School, Brenda Fleecs

Eleanor Roosevelt: Looking into the Life and Accomplishments of An Extraordinary Woman
Kathy Venteicher
1123068Kenmore, WA, Inglemoor High School, Paula Cautrell
Patti Kalinski

The Actions and Legacies of Elizabeth I, the Woman Who Gave Birth to an Empire
Leigh Douglas
1223049Lebanon, VA, Lebanon High School, Kathy Shortt

A Cutting Edge
Acacia Howington
1323021Clovis, CA, Buchanan High School, Tina Tenyenhuis
Suzanne Streeter

Patient Zero: The Plague for a New Millennium
Kaitlyn Sims
1423041Clovis, CA, Buchanan High School, Tina Tenyenhuis

An Individual's Geography of Hope: The Legacy of Wallace Stegner's "Wilderness Letter"
Megan Reese
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 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
124068West Nyack, NY, Clarkstown South Hs, Laurie Young

One For All and Wall for One
Lauren Altman
Ankur Mohan
Alexandre Guevara
Randall Tesser
Cassandra Guevara
224056Conway, AR, Conway High School East, William Richardson
Robert Wills

The Sky Is The Limit: Jackie Cochran and the WASP of World War II
Jeannie Corbitt
Rachel Ford
Aspen Madrid
Annie Browne
324071Houston, TX, Eisenhower High School, Debra Brown
Jeffrey Brush
Carol Michael

"We Ain't Running No More!"
Alejandro Reyes
Johania Ramos
Darryus Vaughn
Clifton Boudreaux
Zuleyma Escobar
424017Fort Scott, KS, Fort Scott Sr High, Megan Felt

A Recipe for Legacy: 35 MM and a Wide Angle Lens
Reanda Mims
Grant Stucky
Keenan Gregory
524024Rochester, MN, Century High School, Victor Robinson

Where a Woman Shouldn't Be: Nellie Bly and Lunatic Asylum
Hanna Cody
Maria McGlinch
Carrie Schweyen
Megan Vandevoorde
624043New Hyde Park, NY, Herricks Hs, Melissa Jacobs
Samantha Gerantabee

Charles Dickens: A Writer, A Reformer, A Dreamer
Brian Groudan
Reshama Patel
724049Spring Valley, CA, Steele Canyon High School, Ron Wagner
Greg Spielman

Truth Tainted Fiction: The Transformation of Jesse James from Rebel Outlaw to Iconic Hero of the Wild West
Benjamin Wagner
Daniel Wagner
Lucas Van Winkle
824039Clovis, CA, Buchanan High School, Tina Tenyenhuis
Suzanne Streeter

Clarence Darrow: Courtroom Legend and Champion for the Underdog
Connor Winn
Michael Kemmer
Anoll Kang
Lisa Huang
Kelsey Isaak
924027Honolulu, HI, Kahuku High & Intermediate School, Lorey Ishihara

Virginia Hall: The Incredible Limping Lady - An Individual in WWII History
Kira Ho Ching
Ila Myer
Christin Hoag
1024009O'Neill, NE, O'Neill High School, Karen Scott
Gary Hostert

The Writing on the Wall: The Story of Maya Lin
Tasha Lechtenberg
Molly Shane
Kelci Ross
Laura Lueninghoener
1124003Lynden, WA, Lynden High School, Bob Carson

Eglantyne Jebb: One Person, One Vision, Millions of Children's Lives Saved
Lauren Olson
Julia Roper
1224031Pensacola, FL, Pensacola High School, Mallory Heath
Michael Jones
Blevins Rose

Edward R. Murrow: The Fearless Journalist
Amanda Patton
Brian Hagerott
1324014Plainsboro, NJ, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, Andrew Lipka

Claudette Colvin: Hidden in the Shadows
Varnika Atmakuri
Payal Marathe
Tanisha Patni
Sanjana Manikandan
1424055Carthage, MO, Carthage High School, Kathleen Swift

The Actions of Annie White Baxter: A Lasting Legacy for Women's Suffrage
Brittany Golden
Andrew Schesser
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 Entry #City, State, School, Teacher(s)
Entry Title
127054San Diego, CA, Francis Parker School, Cherie Redelings

A Legacy of Social Justice: Earl Warren's Rights Revolution
Michael Weil
Quinn White
Emily Cass
Yoseph Desta
Mackenzie Gaura
227014Mililani, HI, Mililani High School, Amy Perruso

Henry David Thoreau: Actions for Reform and a World-Wide Legacy of Peace
Macie Chun
Anne Uruu
327034Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights High School, Dann Parker

Simon Wiesenthal: One Man's Search for Justice
Anirudh Jayanti
Ayush Sood
427044Lincoln, NE, Science Focus Program, Jim Barstow

The World's Ambassador: Louis Armstrong
Elizabeth Schweitzer
527003Stanwood, WA, Stanwood High School, Sabrina Shaw

Wilberforce's Crusade: The Voice that Brought Abolition to the World
Marlee Raible
Nicolas Jensen
627019Scottsdale, AZ, Desert Mountain High School, Hope Sherman

The Legacy of Morris Frank: Leading the Blind to Independence Through the Eyes of Man's Best Friend
Adam Sherman
727064Corona, CA, Santiago High, Jennifer Morgan
Tim Tuttle

Chiune Sugihara: The Japanese Schindler
Troy Kawahara
827045South Hamilton, MA, Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School, Kevin O'Reilly

J. Robert Oppenheimer: The Father of the Atomic Bomb
Dave Rowe
Corey Goodwin
927055Asheville, NC, Ac Reynolds High School, James Goode

Operation Inferno: The Story of Mitsuru Ushijima
Marshall Jones
1027063Liberty, MO, Liberty Junior High School, Inga Nordstrom-Kelly

Buckminster Fuller: The Actions and Legacies of a Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Scientist
Bradley Dice
1127007Caldwell, ID, Caldwell Senior High School, Michele Yancey

Shaping Archimedes' Legacy
Stephen Porter
Greg Johnson
1227033Alma, AR, Alma High School, Erin Mills

The Man, The Myth, The Murderer: Jack the Ripper and the Birth of the 20th Century
Ashleigh Kuykendall
Lance St. Laurent
Brendan Lee

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