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Benefits of NHD to Educators

The NHD program provides teachers with resource materials, workshops, and other opportunities for professional development.

National History Day:
  • provides teachers a model teaching tool for the classroom, which involves authentic assessments and corresponding rubrics
  • helps teachers meet the requirements of national and state education standards
  • supports professional development by offering workshops and summer institutes where teachers can learn about the latest in historical scholarship and new teaching methods and techniques

Why are NHD Student Projects Important to Teaching History?

What is history?
All National History Day projects are about learning history, but often students are confused as to just what “history” means.

History is more than what happened in the past. It is the record of past events and it is what historians write and present about the past. National History Day lets students become a historian and do what they do. But “doing history,” means not just finding documents and learning facts, it’s a way of thinking of events in context and a set of skills.

Some students may think that history is just memorizing dates or reading dry textbooks or encyclopedia articles. Or maybe they think history is dull because it happened a long time ago and isn’t important to those of us living today. But history is much more exciting than that. Studying history tries to answer the question, “How did we get here?”

Why NHD Projects?
National History Day projects provide teachers with an assestment tool that engages students in history and makes them excited about learning. Through the National History Day process students learn historical context and important skills that will prepare them for standardized test and college. Skills such as reading carefully, collecting and evaluating evidence, drawing appropriate conclusions, thinking critically, and writing clearly.
National History Day is on the NASSP National Advisory List of Approved Student Contests and Activities


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