Join us in Supporting NHD: Your Gift is Life-Changing!

From pin trading to singing “Fifty-Nifty”, our teachers, students, and parents at the Opening Ceremony of National History Day always have a great time!

Your generosity…

  • Enhances National History Day’s reach into more classrooms around the world.
  • Pays for a wide range of professional development resources, including publications, webinars, workshops, and courses, to help more teachers learn how to implement and align the NHD framework with state and local standards.
  • Makes the five-day National Contest possible each year on the campus of the University of Maryland, where we bring together approximately 3,000 students and 1,000 teachers to have one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of their lives.
  • Inspires students to love learning, increases their self-confidence, opens their minds to new disciplines and possibilities, improves their academic performance and prepares them for success in whatever they do.”

National History Day offers our young people…

Character traits and abilities that lead to success throughout their lives

  • Joy and passion for learning, self-confidence and poise, persistence and grit
  • These are what it takes to succeed—whatever you do, throughout your life. The format and requirements of National History Day are designed to cultivate these traits.

Twenty-first century skills

  • Communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity—often referred to as “the 4C’s”—are standard ingredients in every National History Day project.
  • “National History Day teaches the skills needed for the jobs that have not even been created yet,” says Deborah Nelson, a History Day mom from Minnesota.

Improved academic performance and higher test scores across all subjects

National History Day offers our teachers…

A powerful way to teach—and all the tools needed to succeed

  • Publications, curriculum resources, professional development institutes
  • A network of enthusiastic educators
  • Everything teachers need to transform history lessons into life-changing educational experiences

National History Day offers our society…

Better citizens

  • National History Day students contribute more than improved skills to their future towns and communities. They also bring empathy—the ability to see things from other points of view.
  • “National History Day broadens their perspectives, encourages them to learn about different cultures and values and how people face different challenges,” according to teacher Rory Dippold. “That’s what it will take to solve our most serious problems.”

About National History Day, Inc.

  • National History Day’s endowment is managed by Glenmede Investment Management, founded by the Pew Family as the fiduciary of the Pew Trusts.
  • U.S. federal employees can give easily to NHD through the annual Combined Federal Campaign. NHD’s CFC number is #10236.
  • Learn more about NHD’s financial health at