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2015 NHD Theme Book


Director's Note

Below are two student perspectives on this year's theme...

Important Elements of Leadership and Legacy
Kayla Uplinger, Mount Spokane High School, Mount Spokane, Washington

Defining Leadership and Legacy
Michael Shimek, Crawford High School, Crawford, Nebraska

Sample Topics List
Common U.S. History Topics Chart
Common World History Topics Chart

Looking for some local history ideas? Check out these examples from some of our NHD affiliate coordinators:
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New Mexico
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Exploring Leadership & Legacy through Military History, Jeffrey G. Hawks
Military History Topics Idea Chart

From Camp David to the Carter Center: Leadership and Legacy in the Life of America's 39th President, Kahlil Chism
Suggested Teaching Activities
Folder of Document Images

The Leadership and Legacy of the Cold War President, Janet Tran
AP-Level Cold War DBQ with Teacher Guide

Finding NHD Alumni, Cathy Gorn
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The Emperor and the Chairman: Exploring Leadership in Ancient and Modern China, Abigail Kuhn
"How Great Leaders Inspire Action", Simon Sinek, TED
Lesson Plan
Graphic Organizer
Forbidden City Image
Schools of Thought
Folder of Terracotta Warriors Images
Chinese Unearthing
Emperor Qin Document Excerpts
Emperor Qin Palanquin (17th Century)
First Emperor (19th Century)
Mao Poetry
Propaganda Posters
Mao Songs and Speeches
Mao's Role
Mao - A New Portrait
Communists and Confucius, LIFE Magazine, April 4, 1955, pages 81-84

Analyzing United States Involvement in World War I using Chronicling America, Cheryl Caskey and Naomi Peuse
WWI Articles with Links
Folder of Articles Averting War
Folder of Articles Leaning Toward War
WWI Context Article
WWI Graphic Organizer

"Disapproved": Pennsylvania Leading the Way in Film Censorship, Kevin Wagner
Lesson Plan
Folder of Teacher Guides
Folder of Student Handouts
Folder of Primary Documents

Leadership and Legacy in History: Exploring World War I from Multiple Perspectives, Kim Gilmore, HISTORY ®
Click here to access the new World War I Teacher Resource.

Exploring the Legacy of Leadership through Primary Sources: The Women's Suffrage Movement, Educational Outreach Staff of the  Library of Congress
For more primary sources from the Library of Congress, click here.

Teaching Leadership with the National Park Service Teachers' Portal, Linda Rosenblum, Carol Schull, Beth Boland, and Katherine Orr, National Park Service
To access the hyperlinks to these lessons, click here.

Sample Topics

  • Married Women's Property Acts in 19th-century America
  • A Duty to Protect Children: The Children's Bureau
  • The Geneva Convention and the Rights of POWs
  • Restricting the Rights of Parents: Family Planning in China
  • Development of Water Rights: Struggle Over the Colorado River
  • Adam Smith and the Right of Free Trade
  • The Treaty of Versailles and National Self-Determination
  • Bartholomew de las Casas and the Rights of Indians in Colonial Latin America
  • Bismarck and the Creation of a Welfare State in Germany