15 Students and Teachers Selected to Walk in the Footsteps of the Fallen

WASHINGTON, D.C. – National History Day (NHD) announces this week the students and their teachers from 14 states and South Korea selected to participate in the 2014 Albert H. Small Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom Student and Teacher Institute. This program will immerse selected students and teachers from Missouri, Arizona, Washington, Iowa, Ohio, South Korea, Tennessee, Virginia, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, and Arkansas in the history of the Normandy Landings, and the soldiers who gave their lives.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the landings on D-Day, a critical turning point in World War II. The importance of this event will be venerated by students and their teachers when they walk together on the beaches of Normandy. As part of this program, students are required to make presentations that bring to life critical moments in the Normandy Campaign. The institute will culminate in a day of remembrance where, on the eve of Independence Day, students will give a eulogy to an individual soldier, sailor, or marine from their city, county, or state who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Dr. Cathy Gorn, Executive Director of NHD, discussed the impact this program has on participants, “The students and teachers who have worked with NHD can attest to how life changing this programs is to them. It not only teaches them about the past, but helps place current and future events into context. This program brings to life the importance of quality history education, and shows reverence and respect to those who gave their lives for their country. These students will emerge from this program with a greater understanding of the events and people who shaped their lives, and the world as they know it today.”

Prior to the institute students are required to complete selected readings, review video interviews with veterans, engage in online discussions with the other participants, as well as research a local silent hero. In addition to presenting a eulogy for their selected service member, the student will also present on their role in the invasion.

For a complete list of students and their teachers please contact Micah Azzano at micah@nhd.org.

NHD is a non-profit education organization based out of College Park, MD. Established in 1974, NHD offers year-long academic programs that engage over half a million primary and secondary students around the world in conducting original research on historical topics of interest. These research-based projects are entered into local affiliate contests, where the top student projects have the opportunity to advance to the national competition at the University of Maryland at College Park. NHD also seeks to improve the quality of history education by providing professional development opportunities for educators. NHD is sponsored in part by the History Channel, Kenneth E. Behring, Weider History Group, Inc., WEM Foundation, and Southwest Airlines. For more information about NHD, visit www.nhd.org.

Albert H. Small funds the Albert H. Small Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom Student and Teacher Institute. His contributions make it possible for the student and teacher participants to have this experience. In addition to his work with NHD, Small also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Symphony Orchestra, National Advisory Board Music Associates of Aspen, Department of State Diplomatic Rooms Endowment Fund, James Madison Council of the Library of Congress, Tudor Place Foundation, The Life Guard of Mount Vernon, Historical Society of Washington, D.C., and the National Archives Foundation.

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