WASHINGTON, D.C. – On June 18th, awards were presented for the 41st annual National History Day Contest at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. More than 600,000 students from around the world competed in five categories: documentaries, exhibits, papers, performances, and websites. The top entries from 58 affiliate members were invited to the national contest held June 14th through 18th. Nearly 3,000 middle and high school students presented their work related to the 2015 theme, Leadership and Legacy in History. Contestants represent all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and international schools in Central America, China, Korea, and South Asia.

“Once again, I am amazed by the research and effort put into these projects,” said NHD Executive Director Dr. Cathy Gorn. “The students spend an entire year preparing these projects and deciding between such astounding works is incredibly difficult. I know the judges always find it challenging to choose a winner. I congratulate all of the winners, and all of the contestants who made it to nationals. That itself is quite an accomplishment.”

The full list of winners is below and is also available online:

Numerous awards are granted to both students and teachers including the following:

  • First-place entries in the junior documentary, exhibit, paper, performance and website categories earn the designation, “National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Scholar” and receive a $1,000 award sponsored by the NEH.
  • First-place entries in the senior documentary categories receive a $5,000 award from HISTORY®. One outstanding senior entry connected to a historic site and one senior project with an international theme also receive $5,000 from HISTORY®.
    Second and third place entries in all categories receive $500 and $250 respectively.
  • One middle school and one high school teacher receives the Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year Award and $10,000.
  • Two entries from each NHD affiliate receive an “Outstanding Affiliate Entry” award sponsored by the National Park Service.
  • More than 20 special awards are presented for topics ranging from African-American History to World War II. Sponsored by organizations from around the country, they are presented to outstanding entries in any category.
  • Three senior participants will receive full or partial scholarships from Case Western Reserve University, Chaminade University, and the University of Maryland, College Park. These awards are chosen by university representatives.


First Place
Title: Rose Valland: Recovering Stolen Culture in France
Students: Madeleine Zemans, Sophia Datta, Thani Greco,
School: Singapore American School, Singapore, IS-SA
Teacher(s): Matt Elms

Second Place
Title: Adding Pages to Sir Nicholas Winton's Scrapbook
Students: Callie Elms, Mehek Jain, Jada Li, Madeleine Park,
School: Singapore American School, Singapore, IS-SA
Teacher(s): Matt Elms

Third Place
Title: Eunice Kennedy Shriver's Leadership and Legacy: Changing the World's View on the Mentally Disabled
Students: Shaleen Thiengmany, Erin Zihlman, Abby Ryon,
School: Mt. Pleasant Middle School, Mt. Pleasant, IA
Teacher(s): Jennifer Stater


First Place
Title: Henry Ford: Driving America Into the Future
Students: Frances Kroll, Michelle Kroll,
School: Sierra Vista Middle School, Irvine, CA
Teacher(s): Jonathan Millers

Second Place
Title: Marie Curie: Impacting Science through Radioactivity
Students: Cate Peerbolte, Julia Oostema,
School: Highland Christian School, Highland, IN
Teacher(s): Rick Vanderwoude

Third Place
Title: 236 Words: The Leadership and Legacy of Dr. Seuss
Students: Jaylan Gonzalez, Danielle Vigil,
School: Connect Charter School, Pueblo, CO
Teacher(s): Lee Hawkins


First Place
Title: A Legacy of Love and Laughter: Robert Porterfield's Barter Theatre
Students: Mia Lazar,
School: Blacksburg New School, Blacksburg, VA
Teacher(s): Emily Pfeiffer-Russell, Molly Lucier

Second Place
Title: Reinventing the American Superhero: The Charismatic Leadership and Cultural Legacy of Stan Lee
Students: Hazel Homer-Wambeam,
School: Homeschool, Laramie, WY
Teacher(s): Laurie Homer

Third Place
Title: Ida B Wells: A Crusader for Justice
Students: Gloria Conatser,
School: Atlas Academy, Waco, TX
Teacher(s): Mary Duty, Earnest Garth


First Place
Title: Nelson Mandela: Leadership in the Fight Against Apartheid
Students: Tate Hogrefe,
School: Lemars Middle School, Lemars, IA
Teacher(s): Jeanne Rust

Second Place
Title: Sargent Shriver and the Making of the Peace Corps
Students: Olivia Grose,
School: Lake Country Academy, Sheboygan, WI
Teacher(s): Shawn Dzwonkowski

Third Place
Title: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Students: Morgan Kopecky,
School: Lakeside Middle School, Irvine, CA
Teacher(s): Jon Pang


First Place
Title: Margaret Sanger
Students: Caroline Katzive,
School: Alice Deal Middle School, Washington, DC
Teacher(s): Yvette Simpson

Second Place
Title: The Life and Legacy of Andrew "Rube" Foster: Baseball's Forgotten Legend
Students: Jordan French,
School: Belle Vernon Area Middle School, Belle Vernon, PA
Teacher(s): Ross Farmer

Third Place
Title: William Wilberforce and His Legacy of Freedom
Students: Jessica Stump,
School: Fruitvale Junior High, Bakersfield, CA
Teacher(s): Lori Maynard


First Place
Title: Victory at All Costs: The Leadership and Legacy of Winston Churchill
Students: Jay Mehta,
School: Pembroke Hill School, Kansas City, MO
Teacher(s): Dan O'Connell

Second Place
Title: Jacobus tenBroek: A Leader with a Vision of Equality for the Blind and a Legacy of Constitutional Equality for All
Students: Allie Tubbs,
School: Johnston Middle School, Johnston, IA
Teacher(s): Kathy Paul

Third Place
Title: The Front Line Leader: John Lewis and the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement on the Generation
Students: Gianna Ray,
School: Pearls Hawthorne School, Yonkers, NY
Teacher(s): Danielle Yanik


First Place
Title: The Brotherrs Grimm: How Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Led the Movement to Preserve Culture and Created a Legacy of Literature
Students: Samantha Penny, Clancy penny, McCollough Perry, lillian ward, Grace Bowen,
School: Classical Scholars, Hendersonville, NC
Teacher(s): Margaret Dillon, Lisa Dillon

Second Place
Title: Leading Ladies and the Legacy of 19th Century Social Reform
Students: Neal DuPuy, Paige DuPuy, Brigitte Eichenberg,
School: Atlas Academy, Waco, TX
Teacher(s): Mary Duty, Earnest Garth

Third Place
Title: Henry Ford's Driving Leadership; Paving the Way for Mass Production
Students: Jack Anderson, Megan Swancutt, McKenna Vaneldik, Daytona Foley, Logan Smith,
School: Akron-Westfield Community School, Akron, IA
Teacher(s): Val Philips, Colleen Westergard


First Place
Title: The Seeing Eye
Students: Neha Shakir,
School: Hamilton High School, Chandler, AZ
Teacher(s): Stacey Trepanier

Second Place
Title: Sir Nicholas Winton: Humble Hero
Students: Barrett Harrington,
School: Loudoun Country Day School, Leesburg, VA
Teacher(s): Megan Deneu

Third Place
Title: John Muir: Leadership and Legacy in Establishing and Preserving National Parks
Students: Adriana Ballinger,
School: Buist Academy, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Teacher(s): Maury Goodloe


First Place
Title: Jacqueline Cochran: Flying Towards the Future
Students: Grace McDonald, Hannah Mackenzie,
School: Spring View Middle, Rocklin, CA
Teacher(s): Lynne Meiers

Second Place
Title: Lillian Wald
Students: Sirui Chen, Kimberly Rae,
School: Jenkintown Middle High School, Jenkintown, PA
Teacher(s): Paul Hamilton

Third Place
Title: Norman Borlaug: A Legacy of a Billion Lives
Students: Sophia Burick, Kelly McDonald, Kate McKernan,
School: Shorecliffs Middle School, San Clemente, CA
Teacher(s): Fred Morris


First Place
Title: "Them Damned Pictures": The Legendary Cartoons of Thomas Nast
Students: Watson Moore, Sam Katz, Brian Johnson,
School: Shaker Heights High School, Shaker Heights, OH
Teacher(s): Tim Mitchell, Sarah Davis

Second Place
Title: The Crusader with a Camera: "Photography Can Light up Darkness and Expose Ignorance"
Students: Hannah Walker, Maya Workowski,
School: Kutztown Area High School, Kutztown, PA
Teacher(s): Carolyn Wasser, Rebecca Beidelman

Third Place
Title: Leadership and Legacy: George C. Marshall and the Marshall Plan
Students: Adam Walter, Broc Mauch,
School: Yankton High School, Yankton, SD
Teacher(s): Doug Haar, Becky Tasa


First Place
Title: Ella Baker: A Legacy of Grassroots Leadership
Students: Siena Leone-Getten, Pa Ying Lor,
School: Open World Learning Community, St. Paul, MN
Teacher(s): Scott Berndt

Second Place
Title: A Backyard Vision
Students: Liberty Schultz, Madison Kesel, Jessica Thompson,
School: Independent Students School, Atlanta, GA
Teacher(s): Heather Schultz

Third Place
Title: The 9th Guam Congress: Catalyzing Change, Revolutionizing Politics
Students: Lazaro Quinata, Juan San Nicolas,
School: Father Duenas Memorial High School, Hagatna, GU
Teacher(s): Christopher Bawar, Anthony Blas


First Place
Title: Heal the Man, Heal the Land: Roosevelt's Legacy Through the Civilian Conservation Corps
Students: Brent Vela, School: Nimitz High School, Houston, TX
Teacher(s): Barbi Binnig

Second Place
Title: Electricity For All: The Leadership and Legacy of George W. Norris
Students: Vanessa Taylor,
School: Ainsworth Community Schools, Ainsworth, NE
Teacher(s): Nichole Flynn, Heather Lutter

Third Place
Title: Slaying the Dragons of Eden: Carl Sagan's Crusade to Find Our Place in the Cosmos
Students: Justin Senzer,
School: Herricks Hs, New Hyde Park, NY
Teacher(s): Melissa Jacobs, Samantha Gerantabee


First Place
Title: David E. Pesonen: The Battle for Bodega Head
Students: Stacey Olson,
School: Sonoma Academy, Santa Rosa, CA
Teacher(s): Whitney Olson

Second Place
Title: "There It Is- Take It": William Mulholland Deals Water to Los Angeles
Students: Celeste Goodwin,
School: California Academy Of Math and Science, Carson, CA
Teacher(s): Jeremy Bucko

Third Place
Title: Pope's Not so Ordinary Legacy: Paving the Way for America's Mobility
Students: Samuel Porcello,
School: Conard High School, West Hartford, CT
Teacher(s): Jennifer Hunt, John Coloma


First Place
Title: Socialism with a Human Face: The Leadership and Legacy of the Prague Spring
Students: Anna Stoneman,
School: Stanford University Online High School, Madison, WI
Teacher(s): John Stoneman

Second Place
Title: Man, Myth, and Icon: The Life and Legacy of Che Guevara
Students: Joyce Xu,
School: Fairview High School, Boulder, CO
Teacher(s): Leigh Campbell-Hale

Third Place
Title: Mullah Mustafa Barzani: The Enduring Legacy of Kurdistan's Most Prominent Leader
Students: Areej Malley,
School: Pleasant View School, Memphis, TN
Teacher(s): Hamzah Abdul-Malik


First Place
Title: Resisting The Reins Of Power: Washington At His Finest In The Temple Of Virtue
Students: Matthew Broussard,
School: Impact Early College High School, Baytown, TX
Teacher(s): Steve Koester

Second Place
Title: There's No Need to be Rude: Lindy Boggs' Legacy of Leadership
Students: Macy Mateer,
School: Gulf Breeze High School, Gulf Breeze, FL
Teacher(s): Grace Freeman

Third Place
Title: The Grimke Sisters: The Two Sisters Whose Legacy Turned the World Upside Down
Students: Hannah Hakim,
School: Parkland High School, Allentown, PA
Teacher(s): Calliope Volikas


First Place
Title: A Terrible Beauty is Born: The Leadership of James Connolly and Patrick Pearse and the Controversial Legacy of the Easter Rising
Students: Isabella Altherr, Annabel Barry, Quinn Barry, Maxwell Chung, Shannon Madden,
School: Pequot Homeschool, Southport, CT
Teacher(s): Alison Barry

Second Place
Title: Hard Times: How the Work of Charles Dickens Created a Legacy of Literacy and Social Reform
Students: James Dillon, Hannah Grady, Ethan Byrd, Samantha Grady,
School: Classical Scholars, Hendersonville, NC
Teacher(s): Margaret Dillon, Lisa Dillon

Third Place
Title: The INF Treaty: Reagan and Gorbachev's Fight for a Legacy Free of Nuclear Proliferation
Students: Maia Brockbank, Camryn Daidone, Brynn Gauthier, Audrey Roberts,
School: Denver School Of The Arts, Denver, CO
Teacher(s): Ed Glassman


First Place
Title: Alan Turing's Mechanical Brain
Students: Cody Baker,
School: Storm Lake High School, Storm Lake, IA
Teacher(s): Priscilla Robinson

Second Place
Title: Frances Oldham Kelsey: One Woman's Legacy - Changing the FDA
Students: Sharon Mathew,
School: Clarkstown South SHS, West Nyack, NY
Teacher(s): Laurie Young

Third Place
Title: Here I Stand: Paul Robeson's Legacy of Leadership
Students: Eli Russell,
School: Abington Friends School, Jenkintown, PA
Teacher(s): Margaret Guerra


First Place
Title: To Learn or to Earn? The National Child Labor Committee and the Fight Against Child Exploitation
Students: Divya Pakianathan, Niharika Boinpally,
School: West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, Plainsboro, NJ
Teacher(s): Chris Bond

Second Place
Title: Wild Bill Donovan: Leader of American Espionage
Students: Makayla Jefferson, Gabriel Guzman, Sayfaldin Thabit, Billy Toledo, Natalie Garza,
School: Nimitz High School, Houston, TX
Teacher(s): Barbi Binnig

Third Place Title: Nellie Bly's Multifaceted Legacy: Leading a Progressive Generation of Journalists and Social Reformers
Students: Rachel Arnold, Jaqui Hale, Sarah Nosal, Nili Ezekiel,
School: Bedford High School, Bedford, MA
Teacher(s): James Sunderland

Special Award Winners

African-American History: Dionna Herrington & Matteisha Young & Waynet Wallace (School: Constitution Hs, Philadelphia, PA)

American Labor History: Megan Murphy (School: Merrimack High School, Merrimack, NH)

Asian-American History: Elyse Clough (School: Nevada Middle School, Nevada, IA) Yow Shiuan Hwang (School: Concordia International School Shanghai, Shanghai, CH)

Captain Ken Coskey Naval History Prize: Shaeffer Quinn & Olivia Lennon & Riley Sprowl & Nick Moon & Andrew Bow (School: Boerne Middle School North, Boerne, TX), Mickey Sloat (School: Davenport Central High School, Davenport, IA)

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspaper Prize: Jessica Connelly & Caroline Turochy & Sydney Smith (School: Auburn History Club, Auburn, AL) Linzy Woods & Justice Tautfest (School: Canton High School, Canton, OK)

Civil Rights Prize: Caroline Todd & Erin Todd (School: Conway Middle School, Conway, SC) Morgan Ware & Tyla Ware (School: Moriarty High School, Moriarty, NM)

Civil War History: Elizabeth Imhoff (School: Towle Institute, Hockessin, DE)

Corps of Discovery Prize: Autumn Ritsko (School: Rural Vale Elementary, Tellico Plains, TN) Maren Burgess (School: Timberline Middle, Alpine, UT)

Discovery or Exploration in History: Rishab Bhatt (School: Grover Middle School, Princeton Junction, NJ) Mead Andrew Krowka (School: Hendersonville High School, Hendersonville, NC)

George Washington Leadership in History: Ryan Stimson & Matteo Giovanetti & Marc Giovanetti (School: St Barnabas Elementary School, Northfield, OH) Matthew Broussard (School: Impact Early College High School, Baytown, TX)

History in the Federal Government: Kim Le (School: Mount St. Charles Academy, Woonsocket, RI)

History of Agriculture and Rural Life: Paul Harness (School: Homeschool, Nampa, ID)

Immigration History: Arnav Lal (School: Sterling School, Greenville, SC)

Irish or Irish-American History : Jack McMahon (School: Miles River Middle School, South Hamilton, MA) Alyssa Sutton & Courtney Thompson (School: Canton High School, Canton, OK)

Latino-American History: Monserrat Sandoval-Malherbe (School: Stillman Middle, Brownsville, TX) Astrid Guevara (School: Ross S. Sterling, Baytown, TX)

Lee Allen History of Baseball Award: Ji-Ho Lee (School: Rock Bridge High School, Columbia, MO)

Legacy Award: Magna Carta Prize: Hannah Arduini (School: Carlos E. Haile Middle School, Bradenton, FL) Claire Davis (School: Highland Park Sr. High School, St. Paul, MN)

Native American History: Clare Howard & Camille Griffith & Leo McNicholas (School: Jh Romig Middle School, Anchorage, AK) Kimberly Pestovich & Kaylen Pocaterra & Daniel Wang (School: Los Alamos Hs, Los Alamos, NM)

Outstanding Entry on an International Theme: Anmol Bajpai & Christian Culbert (School: International Community School, Kirkland, WA)

Outstanding Entry Tied to a Historic Site: Molly Maahs (School: D.C. Everest Senior High School, Schofield, WI)

U.S. Constitution Award: Emily Rooney (School: Vergennes Union Middle School, Vergennes, VT) Madison Moats (School: Lenoir City High School, Lenoir City, TN)

United States Marine Corps History: Ryan Scherer & Kaden Pirrwitz (School: Pike Delta York Middle School, Delta, OH)

White House History: Julia Owens (School: Northshore Junior High, Bothell, WA) Ethan Pipkin & Drew Fortner (School: Risco R-2 Schools, Risco, MO)

Women's History: Madison Albert (School: Greely Middle School, Cumberland Cntr, ME)

World War II History: Natasha Hallerbach & Alyssa Poudrier (School: Brookfield School, Reno, NV) Essie Workman (School: Kahuku High & Intermediate School, Honolulu, HI)

Outstanding State Entries

ALABAMA: Title: Thomas McAdory Owen: America's First Public Archivist School: Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy, Montgomery, AL Harrison Estes, Title: Julia Tutwiler: Teacher and Reformer School: Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy, Montgomery, AL Hannah Taunton,

ALASKA: Title: Theodore Roosevelt School: Clark Middle School, Anchorage, AK Bailey Buenarte, Sam Mychelle Tuazon, Title: BAYARD RUSTIN: LEADING THE FIGHT FOR CIVIL RIGHTS School: West Valley High School, Fairbanks, AK Kasey Casort,

AMERICAN SAMOA: Title: Nafanua: The Samoa Goddess of War School: Samoa Baptist Academy, Pago Pago, AS Morgan Ulu, Title: Liliuokalani: Legacy of Aloha School: Leone High School, Pago Pago, AS Keilona Falefia, Leusumanu Crichton,

ARIZONA: Title: Sandra Day O'Connor: A Leader for Justice - A Legacy for All School: Aprende Middle School, Chandler, AZ Katelin Rugg, Melanie Furman, Title: The World hears a Who School: Hamilton High School, Chandler, AZ Alli Halliday, Rebecca Galcik, Mackenna Goodrich, Shayne Tarquinio,

ARKANSAS: Title: Madam C.J. Walker and Her Hair Raising Legacy School: Central Junior High School, Springdale, AR Jordan Isenbart, Raegan Couch, Title: Le Voyage dans la Cinema: The Leadership and Legacy of Georges Melies School: Alma High School, Alma, AR Charles Dyer, Blake Kuykendall,

CALIFORNIA: Title: There it is, Take it...Leadership & Legacy of William Mulholland School: River Springs Charter School, Temecula, CA Cameron Quijada, Rafael Ibarra, Chloe Esparza, Title: A Unique Position: Reagan, Gorbachev, and the End of the Cold War School: Francis Parker School, San Diego, CA Isaac Gray, Daniel Leibowitz, Ben Sachrison, M. Connor Smith,

CHINA: Title: Thomas Paine: Forgotten Leader Through The Times That Tried Men's Souls School: Concordia International School Shanghai, Shanghai, CH Nicolas Abouchedid,

COLORADO: Title: Rachel Carson: The Silent Spring That Launched The Enviromental Movment School: Aspen Middle School, Aspen, CO Chloe Brettmann, Title: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: "Uh...We Are Going to Be Here for a While" School: Fairview High School, Boulder, CO Abby Bloomfield,

CONNECTICUT: Title: The Quiet Leadership of Major Karl Plagge School: Thomas Edison Middle School, Meriden, CT Jack Higgins, Title: World Wide Webster: A Man of Many Words School: Farmington High School, Farmington, CT Swati Rath, Smrithi Raman, Sahiti Alavala,

DELAWARE: Title: The Impact of Harriet Beecher Stowe on Attitudes About Slavery School: Towle Institute, Hockessin, DE Elizabeth Imhoff, Title: Hitsville USA: Gordy's Musical Empire School: Padua Academy, Wilmington, DE Margaret Achenbach,

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Title: Edwin Hubble School: Alice Deal Middle School, Washington, DC Brendan Smith, Title: The Mother of Planned Parenthood: Margaret Sanger School: Capital City Public Charter School, Washington, DC Milan Jones, Mesgana Dagnachew, Jennifer Ventura,

FLORIDA: Title: Leni Riefenstahl: Between Hitler and Hollywood School: Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, FL Hannah Siegel, Title: Giving them Hope: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Ongoing Struggle for Equality School: Pine View School, Osprey, FL Aria Pegah, Jacob Evans, Zachary Jordan, Austin Rockwood, Aravind Byju,

GEORGIA: Title: Pink Cadillacs, Diamond Bumble Bees & the Golden Rule: The Leadership and Legacy of Mary Kay Ash School: Impact Academy, McDonough, GA Makena Massie, Haleigh Massie, Isabella Rogers, Title: Making a Splash: Jacques Cousteau's Leadership and Legacy School: North Hall High School, Gainesville, GA Katie Rose Dionne,

GUAM: Title: The Organic Act Guam: Government by the People, Not For the People School: L.P. Untalan Middle School, Hagatna, GU Aila Rodriguez, Manuel Tan, Title: Antonio B. WonPat: The First Voice of Guam School: Father Duenas Memorial High School, Hagatna, GU Keone Aliphios, Jeno Aquino,

GUATEMALA: Title: Domingo Goicolea: Life and Architecture in Guatemala School: Inter American School Xela (Private International), Quetzaltenango, GT Emilio Conde, Title: Malala: From Pakistan to the World School: Antigua International School (Private International), Antigua Guatemala, GT Gabriela Bailey, Antonella Comandari, Jenna Badger, Victoria Rios, Alejandra Gomez,

HAWAII: Title: Eradicated From Earth! How Smallpox Died School: St. Andrew's Priory School, Honolulu, HI Kelly Masaki, Title: The Legacy of Caesar Augustus: The Prince of the Senate, The Price of the Peace School: Kahuku High & Intermediate School, Honolulu, HI Truman Spring,

IDAHO: Title: The Leadership and Legacy of William Shakespeare School: Sacred Heart, Boise, ID Maggie Schultz, Title: William Wilberforce: A Legacy of True Leadership School: Homeschool - St. Paul Academy, COEUR D ALENE, ID Andrew James Schaefer ,

ILLINOIS: Title: From Pullman Porters to Civil Rights Activists School: Mead Junior High, Elk Grove Village, IL Steven Li, Rajat Mittal, Thomas Schluckbier, Title: Jens Jensen: Parks and Preservation School: Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL Laila Sauer,

INDIANA: Title: Lewis Hine: Leading a Change in Child Labor Laws School: John Young Middle School, Mishawaka, IN Mikhalla Glick, Faith Quintana, Title: Alice Hamilton The First Lady of Industrial Medicine School: Central Catholic Jr/Sr High School, Lafayette, IN Elizabeth Schafer, Megan Bullock,

IOWA: Title: Lewis Hine: The Voice for Children School: Southeast Valley Middle School, Burnside, IA Kylie Clark, Allison True, Dalton Dencklau, Bailey Miller, Title: Legacy of Radioactivity: Madame Marie Curie, First Lady of Science School: North Scott High School, Eldridge, IA Jordyn Head,

KANSAS: Title: R. Buckminster Fuller: The Dymaxion Man Who Strived to Change the World School: Derby Middle Sch, Derby, KS Manmeet Pelia, Title: Eisenhower Paves The Way School: Basehor-Linwood High School, Basehor, KS Claire Walsh, Calder Hollond, Madison Bowers,

KENTUCKY: Title: Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Ideas that Shaped America School: Winburn Middle School, Lexington, KY Kevin Jing, Rehan Ghanta, Title: Pulling the Teeth: How a Collision Between Leaders Left a Lasting Legacy on the Federal Banking System School: Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington, KY Joanna Slusarewicz,

KOREA: Title: Winston Churchill: The Key to Democracy School: Daegu International School, , KO Rhea Moozhayil, Title: Louis Pasteur: Taking the World to Greener Pastures School: Seoul International School, , KO Soomin Chun, Sohee Ahn,

LOUISIANA: Title: Otto von Bismarck: The Iron Chancellor School: Episcopal School of Acadiana, Broussard, LA Ewan Todt-Tutchener, Title: To the End of the Line: The Leadership and Legacy of Ernie Pyle School: Lusher Charter School, New Orleans, LA Zandra Zemmels,

MAINE: Title: Leadership Personified: The Legacy of Margaret Chase Smith School: Skowhegan Area Middle School, Skowhegan, ME Maggie Pono, Alyssa Salley, Brooke Rogers, Title: Ashoka and Animal Welfare School: Gorham High School, Gorham, ME Avery Arena,

MARYLAND: Title: Woody Guthrie: How His Protest Music Helped Change History School: Central Middle School, Edgewater, MD James Sappington, Title: From Ones and Zeros to a Compiled World: The Legacy of Grace Hopper School: Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, MD Anna Barth, Juliana Lu-Yang,

MASSACHUSETTS: Title: Thomas Edison: Inventing the Future School: Plouffe Academy, Brockton, MA Alexandra Younes, Title: From the Treetops: How DDT Almost Grounded the American Eagle School: Norwood High School, Norwood, MA Julia Kiley, MICHIGAN: Title: Anna Howard Shaw: The Legacy of a Forgotten Suffrage Leader School: Forest Hills Eastern Middle School, Ada, MI Claire Benedict, Vaishnavi Krishnan, Title: Dr Homer Stryker: Leadership and Legacy School: Homeschool, Galesburg, MI Hannah Lane-Davies, Hayden Lane-Davies,

MINNESOTA: Title: The Legacy of Lois Jenson v. Eveleth Taconite Co.: Changing The Definition of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace School: Salk Middle School, Elk River, MN Isabella Krueger, Title: Catherine the Great: The Enlightened Despot School: Northland Jr/Sr High School, Remer, MN Hannah Myers,

MISSISSIPPI: Title: General George Patton School: Starkville Homeschool, Starkville, MS David Crossler, Title: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe: The Legacy of Stephen Hawking School: Starkville High School, Starkville, MS CiCi Zhang, Cameron Maddox,

MISSOURI: Title: Paving the Moral Path - Frances Perkins' Leadership informing a Legacy for Worker's Rights School: Deerfield, Weston, MO Grace Cogan, Title: The Conscience of Kansas City: Lucile Bluford and Her Unparalleled Leadership in the Call for Change School: Odessa High School, Odessa, MO Hannah Scott,

MONTANA: Title: The Journey to Relativity - Albert Einstein: Leadership and Legacy School: North Midddle School, Great Falls, MT Gail Parambi, Title: Margaret Sanger School: Fromberg Public Schools, Fromberg, MT Marlaina Turley,

NEBRASKA: Title: Leadership and Legacy of the Cuban Missile Crisis School: Chadron Middle School, Chadron, NE Mandelin Wollesen, Bailey Russell, Title: Lyndon Johnson and the Civil Rights Act of 1964: A Southern President and the Culmination of a Movement School: Lincoln Southeast High School, Lincoln, NE Thomas Graul,

NEVADA: Title: Demigod or Demagogue: Hong Xiuquan and the Taiping Rebellion School: Brookfield School, Reno, NV Cecilia Wade, Title: William Lloyd Garrison: The Voice of Abolitionism School: West Career and Technical Academy, Las Vegas, NV Ambika Verma,

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Title: Lewis Hine and the Legacy of Child Labor Reform School: Gilford Middle School, Gilford, NH Greg Madore, Cal Schrupp, Josh Valentine, Title: Giving Them Hope: How Harvey Milk Brought the Gay Rights Movement Out of the Closet School: Milford High School, Milford, NH Hannah Waris,

NEW JERSEY: Title: Leading the Pure Foods Movement: Dr. Harvey Washington Wiley and His Legacy of Food and Drug Safety School: Community Middle School, Plainsboro, NJ Akila Saravanan, Title: Dean of American Medicine: William Henry Welch and the Establishment of Modern Medical Education in the United States School: West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South, West Windsor, NJ Allison Chen,

NEW MEXICO: Title: Frances Perkins; A Lifetime of Public Service School: Los Alamos Middle, Los Alamos, NM Eleanor Henderson, Title: Shades of Love: Leading the Fight to a Legacy of Interracial Marriage Equality School: Moriarty High School, Moriarty, NM Jessica Altnow, Tierra Hudson, Jacob Garcia, Allen Michel,

NEW YORK: Title: Bearing Witness to Pain and Glory: Margaret Bourke-White, A Pioneer of Photojournalism School: Woodmere Ms, Hewlett, NY Rachel Miller, Jonny Miller, Title: Rachel Carson: A Pioneering Scientist Springing Environmental Awareness on the 1960s School: Bethlehem Central High School, Delmar, NY Montana Stone,

NORTH CAROLINA: Title: Blurring the Lines: The Leadership and Legacy of the French Impressionists School: Immaculata Catholic School, Hendersonville, NC Kimber Belk, Title: Eunice Kennedy Shriver: A Champion of Change for the Mentally Disabled School: Ardrey Kell High School, Charlotte, NC Catherine McMillan,

NORTH DAKOTA: Title: Saturday Night Live: Leading through Laughter School: State Historical Society Of Nd, Bismarck, ND Virginia Conn, Title: Sacagawea: Remarkable Leader and the Everlasting Legacy School: Standing Rock Community Grant School, Fort Yates, ND Cherise Standing Bear,

OHIO: Title: The Impact of Children's Television: The Leadership and Legacy of Joan Ganz Cooney School: Woodbury Elementary School, Shaker Heights High School, OH Madeline Price, Kaisal Shah, Title: Poverty to Power: The Leadership and Legacy of Carl B. Stokes School: Shaker Heights High School, Shaker Heights, OH Zach Brown, Nat Crowley, Will Raddock, Mathieu Girard,

OKLAHOMA: Title: Clara Luper: Mother of Oklahoma's Civil Rights School: Irving Middle School, Norman, OK Simhao Low, Title: Temple Grandin: Conquering All Odds School: Morrison High School, Morrison, OK Clint Stout, Jay Robins, Tanner Neely, Zane Hilbig,

OREGON: Title: The Leadership and Legacy of George C. Marshall School: Stoller Middle, Portland, OR Theresa D'Silva, Cory Nguyen, Arushi Singhal, Title: Walter W. Waters and the Bonus Army: A Soldier's Legacy School: Helix High School, Helix, OR Bradey Cope, Paden Flerchinger,

PENNSYLVANIA: Title: Stunt Girl: Nelly Bly's Impact on Women & Journalism School: Carlisle High School, Carlisle, PA Samantha Martin, Title: Charged! The Leadership and Legacy of Marie Curie in the Great War School: Hidden Hills Homeschool, Confluence, PA Scout Best, Addie Best,

RHODE ISLAND: Title: Alice Paul School: Winman Junior High School, Warwick, RI Marissa Stern, Title: John Lewis: Pursuit of Justice School: Mount St. Charles Academy, Woonsocket, RI Alex Xanthakis, Samuel Maceroni,

SOUTH ASIA: Title: Non-violence, Peace, and Communal Harmony: Mahatma Gandhi's Message to our World School: International School of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, IS-SA Aparajitha Anantharaman, Title: The Marxist Movement School: Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Lippo Village, IS-SA Nathanael Jo, Fiona Asokacitta, Vallerie Xu, Stephanie Purwanto, Natasha Simadibrata,

SOUTH CAROLINA: Title: Mary McLeod Bethune: Forever Fighting Educational Discrimination School: Conway Middle School, Conway, SC Atley Livingston, Glenn Courtney, Title: Basil O'Connor: March to Find the Cure School: York County Homeschoolers, Fort Mill, SC Benjamin Cripe, Neil Smith,

SOUTH DAKOTA: Title: Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the World School: Harding County, Buffalo, SD Sydney Pedersen, Sadie Podzimek, Title: Nikola Tesla: Leader of the Electrical Age School: Colman-Egan, Colman, SD Brody Wanner,

TENNESSEE: Title: "Solidarity Forever": Pete Seeger's Leadership and Legacy in American Culture and Folk Music School: Northeast Middle School, Clarksville, TN Ava Ploeckelman, Donavan Powers, Title: Alex Haley, Roots, and the Re-Invention of Black History School: McCallie School, Chattanooga, TN Adebayo Fasipe,

TEXAS: Title: Nellie Bly- Fearless Reporter School: Cedar Bayou Junior School, Baytown, TX Danielle Garcia, Priscila Garcia, Title: The Socialite, the Slave, and the President: How Two Daring Women Deceived Jefferson Davis and Helped Grant Conquer the Confederacy School: One Day Academy, Austin, TX Jonathan Holle, Luke Victor, Rachel Hughes, Max Mitchell, Charis Nelson,

UTAH: Title: Thaddeus Stevens: Anti-Slavery Advocate or Extremist? School: Thomas Edison Charter School South, Nibley, UT Carter Fielding, Title: "Through Science to Justice": Magnus Hirschfeld and Germany's LGBT Rights Movement School: West High, Salt Lake City, UT Natasha Pagel-Aprill,

VERMONT: Title: Politics Through the Eyes of a Legendary Woman: Madeleine Kunin School: Crossett Brook Middle School, Duxbury, VT Lilianna Ziedins, Title: Ira Allen: A Leader with a Questionable Legacy School: Montpelier High School, Montpelier, VT Ben Ward,

VIRGINIA: Title: "Wild Bill" Donovan: Legendary WWII Spymaster and Father of the CIA School: William Monroe Middle School, Stanardsville, VA Jared Knights, Drew Hoffacker, Carly Miller, Title: An Example for Future Ages: Tadeusz Kosciuszko's Quest to Free Thomas Jefferson's Slaves School: Albemarle High School, Charlottesville, VA Monika Grabowska,

WASHINGTON: Title: Wangari Maathai's Legacy: Leading Kenya from the Ground Up School: International Community School, Kirkland, WA Valerie Chung, Lauren Zimmermann, Sarah Yang, Aashna Sheth, Title: The Cone Sisters of Baltimore: Bringing Modern Art to America School: Inglemoor High School, Kenmore, WA Erin Lee,

WEST VIRGINIA: Title: Satchel Paige: Living in the Shadow School: Ritchie County Middle School, Ellenboro, WV Adam Davis, Zach Knight, Eric Darnold, Garrett Owens, Title: The Life and Legacy of Mr. Rogers School: Home School (Galvin), , WV Claire Marie Galvin,

WISCONSIN: Title: Stephen Mather: Father of the National Park Service School: Holmen Middle School, Holmen, WI Madison Twitchell, Title: John James Audubon: Pioneer in the Fields of Ornithological Art and Identification School: Madison West High School, Madison, WI Lucas Stanley,

WYOMING: Title: 466/64 It's in Our Hands: The Leadership and Legacy of Nelson Mandela School: Lander Middle School, Lander, WY Atalie Thatch, Title: Golden Rule Legacy School: Natrona County High School, Casper, WY


Kasen Urhammer, Chaminade University of Honolulu Vincy Fok, Liberty High School, Renton, WA University of Maryland Areej Malley, Pleasant View School, Memphis, TN Case Western Reserve University, David Van Tassel Founder Award Joanna Slusarewicz, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington, KY

About National History Day: NHD is a non-profit education organization based in College Park, MD. Established in 1974, NHD promotes the study of history through year-long project based programs that empower middle- and high-school students to learn about a topic of their choosing. Students around the world conduct extensive research and present their projects at local affiliate contests Top student projects have the opportunity to attend the National Contest at the University of Maryland at College Park each June. NHD also produces professional development and curriculum materials for educators as well as sponsoring world-wide learning opportunities for students and teachers. NHD is sponsored in part by Kenneth E. Behring, Patricia Behring, HISTORY®, Jostens, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Park Service, Southwest Airlines, the Joe Weider Foundation, and the WEM 2000 Foundation of the Dorsey & Whitney Foundation. For more information, visit

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