Outstanding Entries

2016 Alabama Outstanding Entries
Elizabeth Rhonemus
Huntsville, AL, Hampton Cove Middle School

The Major Compromises of the Constitutional Convention: How the Founding Fathers Saved a New Nation

Hannah Taunton
Montgomery, AL, Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy

Parallel Lives: Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller Encounter Hardships, Explore Solutions, and Exchange Knowledge

2016 Alaska Outstanding Entries
Kate Masterman & Nina Harbison
Fairbanks, AK, Barnette Magnet School

Japanese Picture Brides: Encountering Racism and Exploring an Unfamiliar Culture

Annemarie Timling
Fairbanks, AK, West Valley High School

Claire Fejes: The Gauguin of the Arctic

2016 American Samoa Outstanding Entries
Ethan Langkilde
Pago Pago, AS, Samoa Baptist Academy

The Travels and Tales of Marco Polo

Charu Joserose
Pago Pago, AS, Tafuna High School

Exchange of Health Conceptions: Encounter Between Samoa and Explorers.

2016 Arizona Outstanding Entries
Ayla Young
Chandler, AZ, New Vistas Center For Education

The Wire that Connected the World

Sharon Vaz
Tucson, AZ, Basis Tucson North

The Unanticipated Impact of Father Kino’s Missions on the O’odham People

2016 Arkansas Outstanding Entries
Anna Gregg, Ethan Marotte & Olivia Marotte
Conway, AR, Conway Junior High School

Reporting the Grimke Chronicle: Encountering Slavery, Exploring the Abolitionist Cause, and Exchanging Bondage for Freedom.

Hadiyah Cummings
Conway, AR, Conway High School
“Ain’t I A Woman?” Sojourner Truth Encountering Injustice, Exploring Freedom and Exchanging Slavery for Abolitionism
2016 California Outstanding Entries
Drake Bolt
Sebastopol, CA, Pleasant Hill Christian School

Nikola Tesla: The Shocking Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange of the Electrical Wizard

Elijah Gross-Sable, Ben Clark & Adam Linssen
San Diego, CA, Francis Parker School

The Antarctic Treaty: A Sacrifice for Otherworldly Exporation

2016 China Outstanding Entries
Yoshiko Shii, Sophia Kong, Helen Zhang & Katherine Xiao
Shanghai, CH, Concordia International School Shanghai

Tea and Opium: the Addiction of Two Nations

2016 Colorado Outstanding Entries
Kaylan Wait
Durango, CO, Escalante Middle School

Revolutionary Rum

Camryn Daidone, Brynn Gauthier, Audrey Roberts & Mia Nelson
Denver, CO, Denver School Of The Arts

Nixon’s 1972 Visit to China: Exploring Cold War Compromise, Encountering Normalized Relations, and Creating a Lasting Legacy of Economic and Political Exchange

2016 Connecticut Outstanding Entries
Hunter Dale & Noah Vasington
Storrs, CT, Mansfield Middle School

Branch Rickey: Branching Off to New Ideas

Nicole Wood, Juliana Salamone, Katherine Hurst & Flora Dievenich Braes
Greenwich, CT, Greenwich High School

Women Airforce Service Pilots and the Flight for Equality

2016 Delaware Outstanding Entries
Eleni Staikos
Wilmington, DE, P.S. Dupont Middle School

The Antikythera Mechanism: Exploring & Encountering the Heavens, 100 B.C.

Natalie Ng & Abigail Houseal
Wilmington, DE, Padua Academy

Nellie Bly: Not Just a Journalist

2016 District of Columbia Outstanding Entries
Chloe Fatsis
Washington, DC, Deal Middle School

Battler of the Sexes: Billie Jean King and the Fight for Equal Rights in Sports

Tyrane Allsbrook & Myiah Smith
Washington, DC, The Seed Public Charter School

The Pearl Affair

2016 Florida Outstanding Entries
Elana Treiser
Safety Harbor, FL, Safety Harbor Middle School

The Lumiere Brothers: Illuminating Motion Pictures

Parker Beverly
Pensacola, FL, Pensacola High School

E is for Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange, Sesame Street: Exploring Educational Television and Its Benefits, Encountering Social Changes, and Exchanging Ideas for Foreign Co-productions

2016 Georgia Outstanding Entries
Emma Goff & Zachary Goff
Thomasville, GA, Thomas County Middle School

George Washington Carver

Brooklyn Reese
Thomasville, GA, Thomas County Central High School

Dickey Chapelle

2016 Guam Outstanding Entries
Logan Dana
Fpo, GU, Commander William McCool Elementry – Middle School

Journey to the Bottom of the Trench

Tasi Petra & Pin Hsuan Chen
Tumon Bay, GU, Saint John’s School

Camp Roxas: Building a Home Away from Home

2016 Guatemala Outstanding Entries
Bernardo Burga & Tomas Wilson
Guatemala, GT, Antigua International School (Private International), Antigua

Zheng He-70591547

Arturo Bautista & Jose Pablo Siliezar
Guatemala, GT, Antigua International School (Private International), Antigua

The 1954 Coup D’etat: Death of the Guatemalan Spring

2016 Hawaii Outstanding Entries
Isabella Hartline
Kailua, HI, Kailua Intermediate School

History Captured in Images: The Encounter Between Vietnam War Photographs and America

Jay Phung & Rachel Shumway
Honolulu, HI, Kahuku High & Intermediate School

The Vietnamese Boat People: The Journey to Freedom

2016 Idaho Outstanding Entries
Theo Troester-Solbrig, Cameron Young, Heath Springman & Tiger Lui
Idaho Falls, ID, Taylorview Middle School

War of Currents

Jillian Llamas
Meridian, ID, Renaissance High School

Champion of the Helpless

2016 Illinois Outstanding Entries
Parita Shah & Rosemary Mascarenhas
Elk Grove Village, IL, Mead Junior High

The Newsreel that Started It All: The Memorial Day Massacre of 1937

Caroline Caruso & Anna Kaganovich
Chicago, IL, Lincoln Park High School

The Pill: A Controversial Contraceptive and Its Chicago Connection

2016 Indiana Outstanding Entries
Ian Rentschler
Columbia City, IN, Indian Springs Middle School

Creating Shenandoah National Park: The Dark Side of the Mountains

Dianne Santos
Lafayette, IN, Central Catholic Jr/Sr High School

Hoosier and the Phillippines

2016 Iowa Outstanding Entries
Kyle Welch & Ali Welch
Akron, IA, Akron-Westfield Community School

Peace Through Corn: Encounters Between Roswell Garst and Nikita Khrushchev

Cody Baker
Storm Lake, IA, Storm Lake High School

NAFTA: Three Nations’ Exploration of Economic Exchange and the Triumphs and Trials Encountered

2016 Kansas Outstanding Entries
Audrey Nguyen-Hoang
Lawrence, KS, Bishop Seabury Academy

The Journey of Tomatoes

Katherine McLaughlin & Melissa Bryan
Topeka, KS, Seaman High

Rachel Carson and Her Fight for Environmental Change

2016 Kentucky Outstanding Entries
Claire Qian & Rocco Wrentmore
Lexington, KY, Winburn Middle School

Qian Xuesen: Exchange of a Scientist of Two Worlds

Meg Hancock
Paducah, KY, Paducah Tilghman High School

Carnegie Libraries: The Architecture of American Literacy

2016 Korea Outstanding Entries
Via Lyu Bin Kim & Isabella Baek
KO, Daegu International School

Alfred Nobel: Merchant of Death to Man of Peace

Minsu Samantha Kim, Sung Yeon (Sally) Hong, Seoyeon Amy Kim, Jisoo Yoon & Jenny Jaewon Chung
KO, Korea International School

Brown v. Board of Education: Steps Towards Equality

2016 Louisiana Outstanding Entries
Lauren Perkins
Zachary, LA, Northwestern Middle School

The Baton Rouge Bus Boycott: Exchange of Ideas

Mary North Jones
New Orleans, LA, National WWII Museum

Mississippi River Flood of 1927

2016 Maine Outstanding Entries
Jamie Richardson
Sumner, ME, Hartford Sumner Elementary School

Neurobiologist Rita Montalcini : Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in the Life of a Nobel Laureate

Cody Roy, Devon Poisson, Dylan Goff, Abbey Allen & Maddie Amero
Monmouth, ME, Monmouth Academy

Acadian Deportation and Resettlement

2016 Maryland Outstanding Entries
Chris Pondoc, Jamie Roan, Sydney Robinson, Nikolas Struntz & Hannah Whang
Frederick, MD, West Frederick Middle School

Henrietta Lacks’s Immortal Cells: The Encounter, Exploration, and Exchange That Revolutionized Medicine

Matthew Blum
Ellicott City, MD, Howard High School

Unveiling Decades of Deception: The Tobacco Industry’s Encounter with Congress

2016 Massachusetts Outstanding Entries
Jessica Roa
Easton, MA, Easton Middle School

Apollo 11: One Giant Leap For Peace

Maggie Perrotta & Jacqueline Fibbe
South Hamilton, MA, Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School

Sidney Farber’s War on Cancer

2016 Michigan Outstanding Entries
Ellie Durussel & Victoria Wooley
Bay City, MI, T.L. Handy Middle School

World War II War Brides

Charles Parsons
Midland, MI, Midland High School

Bypass Odorizer: Stinky Sulfur Smell Saves Lives

2016 Minnesota Outstanding Entries
Theo Sage-Martinson
St. Paul, MN, Open World Learning Community

Sir Francis Drake: Opening New Routes of Exploration and Exchange

Kate Mahonen
Forest Lake, MN, Forest Lake High School

Rolling Stone Magazine: Exploring the Boundaries of Music Journalism

2016 Mississippi Outstanding Entries
Davis Magee
Pascagoula, MS, Colmer Middle School


Cici Zhang & James Travis
Starkville, MS, Starkville High School

The Mystery Flu: How the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Influenced Healthcare As We Know it

2016 Missouri Outstanding Entries
Kylie Sobol & Emily Glaeser
Liberty, MO, Discovery Middle School

The Little Rock Nine: The Integration of Education

Jay Mehta
Kansas City, MO, Pembroke Hill School

Mount Everest: Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange on the Roof of the World

2016 Montana Outstanding Entries
Emma Decker
Bozeman, MT, Sacajawea Middle School

Michelangelo And The Painting of The Sistine Chapel

Brittany Bos
Bozeman, MT, Bozeman High School

Boom and Bust: Virginia City, MT

2016 Nebraska Outstanding Entries
Lindsey Johnston, Neleigh Rush & Noah Talmadge
Ralston, NE, Ralston Middle School

Bodmer & Maximilian: A Journey into the American West

Dallas Jones
Lincoln, NE, Lincoln Southeast High School

DeWitty: An Audacious Pursuit of the American Dream

2016 Nevada Outstanding Entries
Lena Kemmelmeier & Liesel Kemmelmeier
Reno, NV, Archie Clayton Middle School Gt Magnet

The Iron Curtain: Exchange and Encounter Between East and West Berlin

Khristine Le
Las Vegas, NV, Las Vegas Academy

Alexander Gardner: Photojournalistic Encounters in America

2016 New Hampshire Outstanding Entries
Abigail Mangiafico & Katelyn Hirnak
Bedford, NH, Ross A. Lurgio Middle School

Impact of Evolution: Charles Darwin

Sophia Kim
Merrimack, NH, Merrimack High School

Helen Priestman Bright Clark: A Quaker Woman’s Fight for Women’s Suffrage in Great Britain

2016 New Jersey Outstanding Entries
Annika Agarwal, James Tang, Annie Zhou & Sophie Zhang
Marlboro, NJ, Marlboro Middle School

Jacques Cousteau: Surfacing the Secrets of the Ocean

Anjli Patel, Avni Patel, Shanna Martin, Evan Deng & Rebecca Luo
Marlboro, NJ, Marlboro High School

The Griddle Goes Global: Ray Kroc and McDonald’s’ Impact on the World

2016 New Mexico Outstanding Entries
Allen Hilton & Bryan Hilton
Farmington, NM, Hermosa Middle School

Ibn Batutta: lessons learned from a great medieval traveler

Salomon Chavez, Dehaven Hudson, Matthew Smith & Courtney Wiggins
Moriarty, NM, Moriarty High School

1966 Court Encounters: Texas Western Explores Integration in Exchange for Excellence

2016 New York Outstanding Entries
Aneesh Muppidi
Guilderland, NY, Farnsworth Middle School

Evolution : The Key to Unlocking The Origin of Species

Brianna Kovit
Hewlett, NY, George W. Hewlett High School

Agnes Nixon:Social Discourse in Daytime Drama

2016 North Carolina Outstanding Entries
Skylar Holland
Goldsboro, NC, Wayne School Of Engineering High School

Virginia Hall: Exploring, Encountering and Exchanging as she Became the Greatest Female Spy of World War II

Jordyn Williams
Greenville, NC, J.H. Rose High School

Exploring Plants and Society: The Life-Altering Encounters of Dr. Percy L. Julian

2016 North Dakota Outstanding Entries
Virginia Conn
Minot, ND, Erik Ramstad Middle School

Reinvention: When Dylan Plugged In

Erika Red Tomahawk
Fort Yates, ND, Standing Rock Community High School

The Eagle Feather” Exploration-Encounters & Exchanges in Native American History

2016 Ohio Outstanding Entries
Ema Rennie
Westerville, OH, Genoa Middle School- Westerville

Nellie Bly: Exploration and Encounter in the Field of Investigative Journalism

Hana Flamm & Emily Montenegro
Shaker Heights, OH, Shaker Heights High School

Exchanges on the Stage: The Ballet Battle for Cultural Supremacy

2016 Oklahoma Outstanding Entries
Braxton Thompson, Kenzi Nix & Kylie Nix
Canton, OK, Canton Elementary School

Oil and the Osage

Zane Hilbig, Clint Stout & Tanner Neely
Morrison, OK, Morrison High School

Livestock Identification: Branding Throughout History

2016 Oregon Outstanding Entries
Shamamah Khan
Portland, OR, Stoller Middle

Exploring the Western Seas: The Cultural Exchange and Foreign Encounters of the Ming Treasure Fleet

Caiden Marks & Bethany Newtson
Helix, OR, Helix High School

The Historic Columbia River Highway: An Engineering Marvel Opens Exploration Through the Columbia River Gorge

2016 Pennsylvania Outstanding Entries
Zachary Yaninek
Camp Hill, PA, Good Shepherd

Milton Hershey’s Sweet Discovery

Isabelle Schroeder
Natrona Heights, PA, St. Joseph High School

Lincoln’s “Lost” Legacy: Encountering Human Suffering, Exploring Innovative Solutions, and Exchanging Historical Treasures at the NMHM

2016 Rhode Island Outstanding Entries
Caden Guertin, Cosmo Laurelli, Nicholas Milan & Robert Tasca
Providence, RI, Lasalle Academy

Hey, What’s the Rush?

Rebecca Carcieri
Warwick, RI, Toll Gate High School

Margaret Mead: An Anthropological Icon

2016 South Asia Outstanding Entries
Lauren Lee, Jenny Pohly & Joy Jaensubhakij
Singapore, IS-SA, Singapore American School

Jewish European Immigrants to America: A Critical Exchange in US History

Elvina Ritehnia, Clarinsa Djaja, Rosa Tjia & Susannah Layanto
Lippo Village, IS-SA, Sekolah Pelita Harapan

Justinian’s Glorious Reign

2016 South Carolina Outstanding Entries
Hannah Mullen
Myrtle Beach, SC, Ocean Bay Middle School

Shannon Faulkner: The Woman Who Dared to Change Tradition

Adriana Ballinger
Charleston, SC, Academic Magnet High School

Charles Darwin: A Life of Exploration,Encounter and Exchange

2016 South Dakota Outstanding Entries
Mitch Eichacker & Johnathan Smith
Sioux Falls, SD, Edison Middle School

Apollo 11: The Mission That Shaped the World

Sophie Kouri, Belle Heine, Samantha Kanaly
Yankton, SD, Yankton High School

Encounter at the University of South Dakota: Diversifying the Law School

2016 Tennessee Outstanding Entries
Hannah Robbins & Eli Harrison
Maryville, TN, Clayton Bradley Academy

Marconi: Changing the World Through the Exploration of the First Wireless

Deanna Upchurch
Watertown, TN, Watertown High School

Directing a War: Hollywood’s Encounter with World War II

2016 Texas Outstanding Entries
Matthew Lanning & Tyler Murphy
Copperas Cove, TX, Copperas Cove J H

Atomic Prospectors

Mateo Requenez, Ramiro Soliz, Christian R. Perez, Jason R. Perez & Mabel Garza
Falfurrias, TX, Falfurrias High School

Irma Lerma Rangel: Leveling the Playing Field for All

2016 Utah Outstanding Entries
Daniel Nelson & Spencer Standing
Orem, UT, Lakeridge Junior High School

Helen Foster Snow: American Journalist in the Chinese Revolution

Maren Burgess
Highland, UT, Lone Peak High School

George Catlin’s Native American Encounters: A Gift of Artistic Preservation

2016 Vermont Outstanding Entries
Willa Yonkman
Duxbury, VT, Crossett Brook Middle School

Cartooning for Change: Nina E. Allender

Aiyana Fortin
Ludlow, VT, Black River High School

Exploration, Encounter, Exchange: The Evolution of the Medical Profession as a Result of the Holocaust

2016 Virginia Outstanding Entries
Charlie Adams
Falls Church, VA, Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School

The (Camera) Shot Heard Round the World: Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange

Maloni Wright
Bedford, VA, Liberty High School

Loving v. Commonwealth of Virginia: Exchanging Vows, Encountering Racism, Exploring the 14th Amendment

2016 Washington Outstanding Entries
Maxine Zhang & Clarissa Choe
Redmond, WA, Redmond Middle School

Penicillin: The Unsung Hero of World War II

Marissa McMaster
Bothell, WA, Northshore Junior High

The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project: Pioneering Cooperation in Space.

2016 West Virginia Outstanding Entries
Peter Galvin
Martinsburg, WV, St. Joseph School

Theodore Roosevelt

Aleah Dye
Mt. Zion, WV, Calhoun Middle/High School

Cubist Pioneers and Their Varnish Left on Today’s Art World

2016 Wisconsin Outstanding Entries
Mackenzie Korent
Hudson, WI, Hudson Middle School

Alice Paul: Vying for the Vote

Annalise Callaghan
Eagle River, WI, Northland Pines High School

A Writer, Industrialist, Inventor & Charity Worker: Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, AKA Nellie Bly