Behring Teacher Ambassadors Announced!

WASHINGTON, D.C. – National History Day (NHD) announced this morning the 36 teachers selected as Behring Teacher Ambassadors. The teachers selected have shown outstanding creativity, commitment, and inspiration in developing students’ interest in history. Each regional winner will be awarded $1,000 stipend for their participation and service as an ambassador.

Middle and high school teachers are nominated by their administrators, peers, or self for the award. Candidates must be classroom teachers interested in NHD programs, who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom, or be past Behring Teacher award winners.

Next year the 2014-2015 NHD theme is Leadership & Legacy in History. Behring Teacher Ambassadors will work with students and teachers to help them better understand this theme and to expand NHD programs in their region. Participating teachers, will attend a training workshop in August, collaborate with their program’s NHD affiliates coordinator to develop a working plan, and implement an action plan to support and expand NHD activities.

“National History Day firmly believes that quality teachers are the best educational tools that students have,” said NHD Executive Director Cathy Gorn. “The history teachers selected as Behring Teacher Ambassadors understand the impact the NHD program has on their students. They are a credit to their discipline and a driving force behind the success of NHD programs.”

This year’s Behring Teacher Ambassadors include:

Adams, Beverly - Texas
Bach, Mark - Washington
Bailey, LaToya - Louisiana
Barry, Adrienne - Nevada
Boehning, Amy - Hawaii
Bohnenberger, Martha - South Carolina
Dallman, Carol - Minnesota
Elms, Matt - South Asia
Erlandson, Traci – Tennessee
Green, Elizabeth - Mississippi
Hammer, Gayla - Wyoming
Healy, Terry - Kansas
Hourt, Moni - Nebraska
Hunt, Jennifer - Connecticut
Johnson, Kyle - Kansas
Johnson, Rona - Idaho
Krueger, Justin - Texas
Langi, Dorian - Hawaii
Marsh, Dan - Indiana
McElfresh, Janet - North Carolina
McKenzie, Dawn - New Mexico
Myers, Brent - Nebraska
Page, Amy - New Mexico
Paul, Kathy - Iowa
Perez-Zemmels, Esther - Louisiana
Roper, Nicole - Pennsylvania
Sermons, Christine - Florida
Smart Meigs, Christina - Ohio
Smith, Dean - Washington
Thorpe, Tom - Wisconsin
Trenkle, Amy – DC
Trepanier, Stacey - Arizona
Turner, Marc - South Carolina
Turner, Suzan - Iowa
Wheat, Alan - Mississippi
Wrye, Deb - Indiana


NHD is a non-profit education organization based out of College Park, MD. Established in 1974, NHD offers year-long academic programs that engage over half a million primary and secondary students around the world in conducting original research on historical topics of interest. These research-based projects are entered into local affiliate contests, where the top student projects have the opportunity to advance to the national competition at the University of Maryland at College Park. NHD also seeks to improve the quality of history education by providing professional development opportunities for educators. NHD is sponsored in part by the History Channel, Kenneth E. Behring, Weider History Group, Inc., WEM Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, and Southwest Airlines. For more information about NHD, visit

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