How to Create Your NHD Weebly Account

Please read this page carefully before starting your NHD website!

PLEASE NOTE – If you converted your website to save from previous contest years, you will need to use a new email address to create an account for the 2015 contest. The email address is optional and only used to recover passwords in the event of forgotten or lost passwords.

Step 1

Begin by going to When you register, please do not forget to supply a valid e-mail address, as this will be the only way for NHD and Weebly to recover your username or password should you forget it. Make note of your username and password and keep it handy – should any problems arise while editing your site, you’ll want to be able to give the person who’s helping you your username and password quickly.

Step 2

After you log in you’ll find a minimal-looking page with your NHD Weebly website URL and megabyte usage. Your URL should look something like Each NHD Weebly website has an automatically generated an identification number that is eight numbers long. You should not have any letters in your URL, nor should you be able to pick what goes into your URL.

PLEASE NOTE – If you registered for a regular Weebly account you can convert it to an NHD Weebly account easily. Start by using your username and password to log in at Once you are logged in click the “Convert” button when prompted. This will switch your Weebly account over to an NHD Weebly account and assign you a new URL with the correct eight digit format. However, if the address between http:// and is not a string of eight numbers, please contact NHD at with details of the issue.

Step 3

When you’ve finished making your edits for the day, do not forget to publish your website! You will find the Publish Now button in the upper right-hand corner. Remember to publish your website each and every time you edit your site – and make sure you’ve published your site before your contest lock-out dates!

Step 4

Your website is registered and you will be able to freely edit your website until Judging Lock-Out. When your contest lock-out dates have started, you will be able to log in to your site, but you will not be able to edit your work. You will get a warning that says, “Your site has been locked – In accordance with NHD program rules, your site has currently been locked and may not be edited. When this judging period is over, your site will be unlocked and you may continue to make changes.”