National Contest Judges’ Information

The 2020 National History Day Contest will be held virtually in June 2020. National History Day (NHD) is looking for historians, educators, and others to judge student projects at this year’s contest. Confirmed judges will receive information about the virtual schedule by email.

Students in 6th through 12th grades conduct extensive research on topics related to an annual theme and present their findings in historical papers, exhibits, documentaries, performances, and websites.

The judging roster is currently filled. If you are interested in being placed on the waiting list, please sign up here.

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Please note: If you would like to judge for your local or affiliate NHD contest, please contact your affiliate coordinator.

Judging Process
Judging Criteria
Judging Process

NHD relies on consensus judging. That means that instead of giving entries numeric scores, you will be ranking them. If you are confirmed as a judge, you will be assigned to a team of 3 judges, one of whom will be designated as the captain. It is important that everyone on your team agrees on the overall rankings of the entries you judge.



Judging Criteria

Historical Quality (60%)

  • Historical accuracy
  • Historical context
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Use of available primary sources
  • Wide research
  • Balanced research

Relation to Theme (20%)

  • Clearly relates to theme
  • Demonstrates significance of topic in history and draws conclusions

Clarity of Presentation (20%)

  • Presentation, written materials are original, clear, appropriate, organized and articulate
  • Entry is organized; visual impact is appropriate to topic

Below are the Judging Instructions for each category, which confirmed judges will receive with their assignments:

Documentary | Exhibit | Paper | Performance | Website

Contest Rule Book English
Contest Rule Book Spanish
Sample Evaluation Forms