NCA Memorializing the Fallen

Teachers worked over the course of the program to create multi-disciplinary lesson plans to help teachers and students learn about the legacies of World War I and the Korean War, and the ways in which it impacted the twentieth century.

Teachers researched the life of a Silent Hero buried in Europe and offered a eulogy of this person as part of the institute, which can be seen at They also researched the life of a veteran who returned from the war.

World War I Lesson Plans
World War I Veteran Profiles
Korean War Lesson Plans
Korean War Veteran Profiles
World War I Lesson Plans
Analyzing the Pennsylvania Veterans’ Memorial

Guiding Question: How does the Pennsylvania Veterans’ Memorial guide visitors to reflect on sacrifice, service and battle?

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery | Developed by: Alison Browning

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Answering the Call: The U.S. Army Nurse Corps in World War I

Guiding Question: How did women serving in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps impact the outcome of World War I and alter the future course for women serving in the military?

Nashville National Cemetery | Developed by: Whitney Joyner

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Finding the Human Side of History

Guiding Question: How can students use primary documents to build a personal narrative around historical events?

Quantico National Cemetery | Developed by: Matthew Poth

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Not Written in Stone: How National Cemetery Marker Policies Have Changed

Guiding Question: How do headstone design policies and burial practices affect the way veterans are memorialized?

Fort Snelling National Cemetery | Developed by: Jeremy Miller

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Remembering Service: Creating Found Poetry at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

Guiding Question: What can we learn about the nature of war, conflict, and sacrifice by visiting military cemeteries?

Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery | Developed by: Meghan Thomas

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The Army Behind the Army: Quartermaster Corps Support the Troops

Guiding Question: How did the Quartermaster Corps support American troops in World War I?

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery | Developed by: Cherie Redelings

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Thinking Historically About Veterans’ Stories

Guiding Question: How can students honor veterans’ service by practicing the historical thinking skills necessary to research the stories behind the veterans interred at national cemeteries in their own communities?

Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery | Developed by: Kathy Tucker Carroll

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What is a Veteran?

Guiding Question: What makes someone a veteran?

Massachusetts National Cemetery | Developed by: Christina O'Connor

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A Secret Language: American Indian Code Talkers

Guiding Question: How did the United States utilize American Indian languages during World War II?

Seminole Nation of Oklahoma Cemetery and Veterans Memorial | Developed by: Amanda Kordeliski

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World War I Veteran Profiles

Nurse Mary Gertrude Smith Boaz
Researched by: Whitney Joyner

Private First Class Dantón D. Ferrero
Researched by: Kathy Carroll

Private Edmond A. Harjo
Researched by: Amanda Kordeliski

Private Bertram F. Heuer, Sr.
Researched by: Meghan Thomas

Staff Sergeant Bertram F. Heuer, Jr.
Researched by: Meghan Thomas

Colonel William A. Lee
Researched by: Matthew Poth

Private Frank J. Markling
Researched by: Jeremy Miller

Private George E. Pearce
Researched by: Cherie Redelings

Private Melina Olive Shaw
Researched by: Christina O'Connor

Yeoman First Class Helen M. Whittaker
Researched by: Alison Browning

Korean War Lesson Plans
A Walk to Remember to Never Forget

Guiding Question: Why is it important to “never forget” war?

Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery | Developed by: Dr. Greg Borchardt

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Honoring the Fallen at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

Guiding Question: How do national cemeteries memorialize those killed in war as well as veterans?

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery | Developed by: Lynne O'Hara

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Remembering, Understanding, and Honoring at Washington Crossing

Guiding Question:How does Washington Crossing National Cemetery allow us to remember, understand, and honor veterans?

Washington Crossing National Cemetery | Developed by: Chris Johnson

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Stories in Stone: Using Headstones in the Raleigh National Cemetery to Understand Veterans’ Sacrifices

Guiding Question: How can reading and analyzing the information on headstones in a national cemetery help us better understand the sacrifices made by our nation’s veterans?

Raleigh National Cemetery | Developed by: Paul Gauthier

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“The Bivouac of the Dead”: Images from the Togus National Cemetery

Guiding Question: What are some of the ways we memorialize our veterans?

Togus National Cemetery | Developed by: Erica Swenson

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The Gettysburg Address and Personal Responsibility

Guiding Question: What is our responsibility for protecting both the freedom and equality of others?

Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery | Developed by: Margaret Holtgreive

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“To Marvin, With Love”: How Do We Process Grief?

Guiding Question: How do families deal with battles that occur after a loved one dies in times of war?

Cypress Hills National Cemetery | Developed by: Gena Oppenheim

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Walk of Heroes: Korean War Battles for Freedom

Guiding Question: What are some of the ways we memorialize our veterans?

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific | Developed by: Amy Boehning

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War Propaganda: We Want You To...

Guiding Question: How does war propaganda influence human behavior and emotions?

Loudon Park National Cemetery | Developed by: Amie Dryer

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Korean War Veteran Profiles

Staff Sergeant Arthur J. Anich
Researched by: Margaret Holtgreive

Sergeant Major George W. Brown
Researched by: Greg Borchardt

Sergeant First Class Marvin J. Fogelhut
Researched by: Gena Oppenheim

Corporal Alva P. Hilscher
Researched by: Katie Hoerner And Marion Touzel

Private First Class David L. Knight
Researched by: Erica Swenson

Corporal Colin A. Maultsby, Jr.
Researched by: Paul Gauthier

Private First Class Yaichi Miyashiro
Researched by: Amy Boehning

Major Charles Scalion
Researched by: Amie Dryer

Lieutenant Colonel Victor Wieczorek
Researched by: Chris Johnson