Ask an NEH Expert

National History Day works with the National Endowment for the Humanities to conduct the Ask an NEH Expert Series. Previous installments addressed the five National History Day categories (documentaries, exhibits, papers, performances, and websites), but the 2020 episodes focus on specific skills crucial to all NHD students, in all five NHD categories.

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Building an Argument

Margaret Hughes, Historic Hudson Valley's Associate Director for Education, offers guidance on crafting an argument, and strategies for how to successfully incorporate that argument into a National History Day project. Margaret has been a judge for the Lower Hudson National History Day regional competition for five years.
Validating Sources

Leslie Hayes, the New-York Historical Society's Director of Education, offers valuable advice and questions students should ask in the process of validating primary and secondary sources for use in National History Day projects. Leslie is an NEH grant recipient and will be co-leading a summer 2020 seminar for K-12 educators entitled, American Women, American Citizens: 1920-1948.
Writing & Editing

Dana Williams, Howard University's English Department Chair and professor of African American literature, shares her insight and guidance for success in the writing and editing process for National History Day projects. Dr. Williams has received five NEH grants, and is currently completing a book-length study on Toni Morrison's editorship, which will be published by Amistad, a division of Harper Collins, in 2021.

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