NHD Explore

NHD Explore (NHDx) is a series of programs during the National History Day National Contest that allow students to further their love and learning of history. Numerous organizations have opened their doors to participants of the contest as well as their teachers and families.


Organizations offering programs open to all students (no registration required).

    Rules and guidlines:

  • NHD will process the requests in the order that they are received.
  • Each "unit" will be given one option on the first round. Programs are open until they hit capacity.
  • Please do NOT express a preference for a program or passes that you do not want or do not plan to use.
  • Each attendee within a "unit" must have a unique email address (this includes all family members or others attending with students).
  • Contact information (including emails) for all attendees will be shared with the partnering organization.
  • If passes or programs remain unfilled, the spots will be offered to registered units who expressed an interest in those passes or programs.
  • Please note that all NHD communication will be directed to the unit’s designated Lead Chaperone.

Please note that NHD-Explore is a completely optional program, and participation (or lack of participation) has no impact on the National History Day Contest.

NHDx 2019 Worksheet

NHDx 2019 Planning Worksheet