NHD in the News

Hundreds march in the rain to benefit Holocaust education
Jewish Community Voice 10/27/2016
Three ninth graders in rural Kansas turned her story into a play for their National History Day Project. [...]>>
Eleventh annual 'National History Day' kicks off at Chippewa Valley Museum
WEAU 13 News 10/25/2016
The eleventh annual National History Day kicked off Tuesday evening at the Chippewa Valley Museum. [...]>>
Eighth-grader raises international eyebrows with documentary
WESH 2 News 10/24/2016
J.T Byrne, of Carmel Valley, Calif., started working on his documentary when he was in the seventh grade. His work is getting some serious attention. [...]>>
World Series brings together Iowa's rich baseball history
The Des Moines Register 10/15/2016
Two local middle school girls are preparing a National History Day project on Adrian "Cap" Anson. [...]>>
She’ll walk in footsteps of a soldier, return with lesson for students
Belleville News-Democrat 10/10/2016
A Belleville East High School educator will take a once-in-a-lifetime trip next summer — and students around the world will benefit from it. Read mor [...]>>
Young minds digging deep
The Inquirer 10/09/2016
First-time visitors to special-collections libraries and archives across the city are often greeted by an unexpected sight: high school students flipp [...]>>
Monroe Middle School history teacher selected for prestigious WWII project
The Daily Independent 10/07/2016
History isn’t just about memorizing names, dates and places, but also how things that happened decades or centuries ago impact modern times. [...]>>
Students Are Preparing Entries For National History Day® Contest
Caledonian Record 09/19/2016
Around the world middle and high school students are taking their learning beyond the textbook with the annual National History Day Contest. [...]>>
Graduate Student Honors World War II Veteran
Crow's Nest 09/13/2016
It was Christmas Eve, 1944, but no one was celebrating. [...]>>
Ship delivered atomic bomb, sank in shark-filled waters
The Daily Journal 09/10/2016
Thanks to relentless efforts of survivors and a 1996 National History Day project by Florida sixth grader Hunter Scott, both Congress and the Navy cle [...]>>