NHD Weebly FAQ

I created my website using Weebly.com. How can I create a website at NHD Weebly without starting over?

You need to convert your website at nhd.weebly.com. Use the username and password from Weebly.com to login to nhd.weebly.com and click the convert button when prompted.

If you signed up with a social media login or you have multiple websites in your account you will need to contact nhdsupport@weebly.com to have them manually convert your project out of your Weebly account. Please include your username and current URL of your website in the support email.

I created an NHD Weebly website for my entry last year and I’m going to create a new one this year. Can I use the same user name and password?

You must create a new account each year. Do not use an account from a previous contest. You can start your new account at nhd.weebly.com.

How do I create a timeline?

There are a number of ways to create a timeline in NHD Weebly. The way you create a timeline is up to you. Please consider the following tools and examples when you create your timeline:

Photoshop/Digital Photo Editor Software
Weebly photo and button elements

Can I embed videos from YouTube?

No, embedded YouTube videos are in violation of the NHD rules. Because the videos are being hosted on YouTube they are not being counted towards the NHD Weebly size limit.

However, you can download videos and upload them to your website using a number of free apps, websites, and software.

How do I embed my process paper/bibliography?

You might be thinking all embedded elements are in violation of the NHD Rules but there is a difference between student embedded elements and third-party embedded elements. The difference has to do with where the information is being stored. Student embedded elements are considered elements stored on your website. For example, to display the process paper/bibliography right on a page it must first be uploaded to your website and then embedded. An NHD alumnus, Christopher Su, created a great instruction page and tool to help students easily, and properly, embed their process paper/bibliography: https://christopher.su/2012/embedding-documents-google-docs/

Third-party embedded items are “viewing” their information on your website but are not calculated into the size limit of your website. These types of elements usually have a link somewhere on them that takes the viewer away from your website to their product website. The main issue is that the element they are hosting may disappear between the time you add it and the time your project is judged. Please be aware of where the elements are being hosted (your site or elsewhere) and if it contains a link to an outside website.

I’m having a problem with the template from NHD Weebly. When I publish my website, the navigation buttons do not work properly and the navigation bar does not appear. How can this be fixed?

Please contact nhdsupport@weebly.com; they will assist you.

NHD Weebly Help Center

If your questions are still not answered please try the Weebly help center.