NHDWebCentral™ FAQ

Do we have to use NHDWebCentral™ to build our websites?
Yes, NHDWebCentral is the only option to build a website. Any websites built on other website platforms will need to be rebuilt at NHDWebCentral™.

I'm a teacher, can I create a website?
Absolutely! We highly encourage teachers to create a website so they can practice, learn, and grow with your students.

How do I make a group website?
Please follow the instructions/video guide on how to create a group website.

We are creating a group website, can we just use one login to all work on our website?
No, each member of your group needs to have their own account. Please read our guide on How to register as a group website. Trying to log into the same account with different computers may cause your website to go corrupt, overwrite, or delete.

How do I remove a group member?
If someone was added to your website by accident or a group member is no longer part of the project please use the Contact Us form to request a removal. We will need to have a discussion with your teacher and the coordinator to confirm this person actually needs to be removed.

How can my group members and I work on our website together?
In a group website, please have your group members work on separate pages at the same time. If a group of students tries to work on the same page at the same time their work will be overwritten by one another. After saving, your partners can refresh on their end to view the changes.

How do I publish my website?
In NHDWebCentral™, saving is the same as publishing. As soon as you save work on your website it is pushed to the published side.

How do I submit my website for competition?
You will enter your URL or site key into the registration form when asked for it. Please contact your affiliate coordinator regarding deadlines for website submission in your area.

How can someone view my website?
You will need to share the URL with them. The URL/site key is what you will submit for registration but if you want a teacher, parent, etc. to view your website you will need to give them the URL directly. The URL looks something like this: https://site.nhd.org/15262633. The site key looks something like this: 15262633.

Does NHDWebCentral™ editing work with tablet devices?
Yes! We are excited to announce that NHDWebCentral™ editing is available for iPads and tablets. Please view the guide and watch the video to begin editing on your tablet device today.

I've reached the size limit, what can I do to free up space?
Many images, videos, and documents are very large file sizes. Before uploading, you will want to take a look at the size of your file and either compress it, crop it, or reduce the resolution. These types of multimedia editing can be done on a number of different free and paid softwares. If you have already uploaded the large images, delete them from your file library and upload the smaller version being sure to replace the image on your page(s). Image tip: Some images have extremely large file sizes because of their high-resolution. Open the image on your computer and take a screenshot of it. Screenshots keep the same quality but are much smaller when it comes to file size.

My images were there but now they are missing, what happened?
Did you happen to clear out your file library to free up space? When an image is uploaded to your website it needs to remain in the file library. The image block is referencing your library to display the image. If that file is not in the library it cannot be displayed.

Does NHDWebCentral™ have templates?
NHDWebCentral™ does have a few basic page templates to begin building your website but you are free to create whatever type of layout you like. We also have themes in place so you can keep the design consistent across your entire website. Please see our guide "Creating a Design Theme" for more information.

Can I import themes?
No, importing themes is not supported on NHDWebCentral™ at this time.

Can I copy blocks to other pages?
Currently blocks can only be duplicated on the page you are working on. Blocks cannot be copied between pages. The ability to duplicate pages is available. If you build a page first and then duplicate that page the blocks will be copied to your duplicated page.

How do I create a navigation bar?
Drag the Auto Nav block onto your page and double-click in the box. You have the ability to re-arrange your pages and create subpages as well. Your other option is to use a combination of blocks to build your own navigation bar through images, text, link blocks, and columns.

How do I create subpages?
Subpages are only supported on the Auto Nav block. Drag the Auto Nav block onto your page and double-click the block on your page to open the page hierarchy manager. Drag and drop the pages to create subpages and click on the page names to re-name them as they display. Once you have added and built the Auto Nav on one page it will hold that hierarchy when dragged onto all other pages.

How do I create a timeline?
There are a number of ways to create a timeline in NHDWebCentral™. The way you build a timeline is up to you. Please refrain from embedding third-part timelines as they are a violation of the NHD website category rules.

Why is the formatting on my published website different than what I see in the editor?
You must begin with a container block on every page and fill that container with the blocks you wish to use. New this year, a page will automatically begin with a container so you can just start building! The container keeps the formatting of your website from preview/editor mode to published mode. Use Section blocks within your container on each page to keep your elements organized.

All of the elements in my container aligned together but I want everything aligned differently?
This is where you can use columns to help align elements differently. There are a number of different column options available in NHDWebCentral™ under the "Easy Layout" section of the Toolbox pane.

I added an image, how do I change the alignment?
You need to change the alignment of the element that image lives in rather than the image itself. For example, if your image is in a column block you will need to change the alignment of the column cell. If your image is in a container you will need to change the alignment of the container not the image. Please refer to our guides and videos on nhd.org/nhdwebcentral-help-library for further instruction.

I added an image, how do I resize it?
There are two options to resizing an image. 1) When the image is selected hover over the edge, click and drag to resize that image on your page. 2) When the image is selected click on the "Dimensions" section in your styling options pane and adjust the width/height options. Cropping and other photo editing abilities are not available in NHDWebCentral™. Please edit your images before uploading them to the platform.

Can I embed videos from YouTube?
No, embedded YouTube videos are in violation of the NHD rules. Because the videos are being hosted on YouTube they are not being counted towards the NHDWebCentral™ size limit.

However, you can download videos using a number of free apps, websites, and software and upload them to your website with the Embed Multimedia block.

How do I embed my process paper/bibliography?
Use the Embed Multimedia block available on NHDWebCentral™. This block adapts to what you add to it. It supports PDFs, audio files (.mp3, .wav, and .aac), and video files (.mp4, .mov, and .wmv). Remember, displaying your process paper and bibliography is mandatory according to the new website rules. Please see the new rulebook for more information.

What coding languages can I use?
Only HTML/CSS is supported on NHDWebCentral™. Javascript is not supported and will be stripped if applied in the editor.