NHDWebCentral™ Help Library

Below you will find instructional guides and step-by-step videos to each instructional guide to help you create your NHDWebCentral™ website.

Please refer to the NHD Rule Book for guidelines and rules related to the website category. The NHD Rule Book has been updated for the 2020-2021 contest year.

**If you are having issues finding the Palette button in NHDWebCentral you might have to zoom out of your browser to see this icon in the Toolbar. To zoom out in Google Chrome you can press Ctrl + "-" on a PC/Chromebook or Cmd + "-" on a Mac.**

Instructional Guides
Step-by-step Videos
Step-by-step Videos

Saving Your NHDWebCentral™ Website

Registering as an Individual Website

Registering as a Group Website

Starting a New Website in an Existing Account

Navigating the Website Builder

Using Blocks to Build Your Website

Adding and Linking Additional Pages

Creating a Design Theme

Following Common How-tos

Using an iPad or Tablet