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Revolutionize your classroom with National History Day®!

National History Day has a full range of online graduate courses for middle and high school educators who want to implement our project-based curriculum into their classrooms using the framework of the National History Day Contest.

All National History Day courses provide practical advice as well as pedagogical strategies.

Along with creating classroom-ready materials customized to the needs of their students, participants also have the options of earning a certificate of professional development hours or (for an additional cost) graduate credit from the University of San Diego.

Upcoming Courses
Upcoming Courses

Spring 2020

Writing and Editing for National History Day
Dates: January 20 to March 16, 2020
Pre-requisites: none
Credit: 30 professional development hours OR 1 graduate extension credit
Cost: $350 (professional development hour option) or $425.00 (graduate extension credit option)
Deadline: Friday, January 10, 2020
Description: This course is designed to help teachers improve the writing and editing skills that are crucial to National History Day success. This course will offer classroom-ready strategies to help readers and writers at all levels craft and revise writing samples for all NHD project categories. The course combines practical skills with hands-on experience with a focus on writing and editing strategies.
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