Campus Parking and Transportation

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There are multiple methods of transportation available when getting to the contest and around campus while at the contest. Below are tabs that explain parking on the University of Maryland campus and the free NHD Shuttle Bus operated specifically for National History Day Contest participants.

NHD Shuttle Bus
Parking on Campus
NHD Shuttle Bus

The College Park Metrorail (Metro) Green Line station is located a short distance from campus. To walk the approximate 1.5 miles from the Stamp Union to the Metro, head east on Campus Drive towards Route 1 and turn right at Regents Drive. Regents Drive crosses Route 1 and turns into College Ave. Continue on College Ave for approximately half a mile and then turn right onto Columbia Ave. The Metro Station will be on your left.

To drive to the Metro, exit campus through Campus Drive (the main entrance), cross Route 1 (the road then becomes Paint Branch Parkway), then follow signs to the Metro. Please note that a Metro SmartCard is required to exit the parking garage. You can buy one at most Metro stations.

A free History Day charter shuttle bus will be available as listed below; it will shuttle between campus and the College Park Metro, departing and returning to the bus stop located across from the front of Stamp Union on Campus Drive. Look for the “National History Day” sign in the front window of the bus. Buses will make a continuous run approximately every 35 minutes on the following schedule. (Please be aware that current construction on campus has affected shuttle routes and is lengthening ride times.) Seats are not guaranteed and you may have to wait at peak times.

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Parking on Campus

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