Who They Were

Black and white photo collage of WWI service members and families.

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Who They Were is a project-based activity that engages students in exploring their community’s World War I history and invites them to participate in our nation’s World War I Centennial Commemoration.

Using the free Who They Were Activity Toolkit, students create a short narrative about what their community was like 100 years ago, and how it shaped the men and women who served in World War I. This narrative can then be presented at their school or at a local event, and shared on our national Who They Were map.


The toolkit is accompanied by an Educator’s Guide and supplementary online resources, and aligns with Common Core and C-3 standards. The activity can be adapted for students in grades 4-12, and can be done by groups or individuals.

If desired, the basic activity can be expanded with additional content, or enhanced with additional artistic, video, or performance elements.

Download the Toolkit | Online Resources | Submit your work

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World War I in Your Community

Curated resources from around the country to help you research your local World War I story.

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The US in WWI

This education guide was created by The U.S. World War I Centennial Commission and HISTORY®.